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by | June 11, 2016 · 9:53 pm

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  1. The Republican MO since Reagan has been to deliberately create insane budget imbalances and then blame Democrats for their “reckless spending.”

    It’s a part of their trickle-down nonsense. They learned that cuts to services aren’t popular, so they now starve the beast, make tax cuts that do sound popular since they never tell you what services will be cut as a result of the lost revenue, and viola, there isn’t enough money to pay for _______ (education, food stamps, maintaining infrastructure, health care for military…).

  2. indypendent

    I assume we’ve all heard about the latest mass shooting in Orlando?

    Of course, since the shooter was a Muslim – then he must be one of those evil ISIS terrorists – correct?

    But the fact this guy targeted a gay nightclub to kill as many people as he could – it seems to me this Muslim guy has one thing in common with these Kristian Konservatives – they both apparently hate homosexuals.

    I also have to wonder – was this guy on the No Fly List? I just heard a news report this guy was being monitored by authorities. They did not specify as to what reason.

    If this mass killer was on the No Fly List – and he bought his assault rifle that he used in this killing legally in America – then perhaps these same Kristian Konservative Republicans should rethnk their vote on the change to the current law.

    Do some reseach on how Republicans voted against the bill to change the current law that allows folks on the No Fly List to legally purchase guns in America.

    Hmmm…….makes one wonder – doesn’t it?

    • indypendent

      Just another thought:

      This Orlando tragedy is being reported as the worst mass shooting America.

      But let’s not forget – the worst mass killing was done by an angry, white male, Catholic, anti-government, military-trained domestic terrorist that used bomb to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City. This guy knew there was a day care in that building and he still made the choice to blow that building up and killed 168 people.

      Makes you think – doesn’t it?

      Evil comes in all sizes, shapes, gender, colors and religions.

  3. indypendent


    Is this really what America needs for their leader? A self-centered person who seems to enjoy getting ‘congrats’ that he was right about the Islamists terrorists.

    BTW – do take special note as to Trump’s last tweet where he accuses Obama of not saying the words radical Islamist terrorism.

    Perhaps Trump and his fellow Trumpette Republicans have selective hearing – because I’ve heard President Obama say these words many times – when it has been proven that it is truly an ISIS group.

    So far, this Orlando shooter appears to be one of those wannabe Radical Islamist bad boys. If it was truly a RAdical Islamist terrorist attack – why target a gay bar?

    Hell -I suspect we have home-grown Kompassionate Krisitian Konservatives who think all the ‘right’ people got theirs.. After all – they were all sinners – correct.

    You betcha Wink-wink

  4. indypendent|9


    IIRC – President Obama mentioned this trend a few weeks ago how there are manufacturers bringing back jobs to America when he visited some city and took questions in a town hall type meeting.

    Does anyone remember this?

  5. indypendent

    Bob White – just checking in to see how you’re doing.

    IIRC – you moved to Florida? Not sure if anyone near Orlando – but hope all is well with you and your family/friends.

  6. OH wow, on Lap top and finally got here! LOL been having to say what I think and battle the good fight on Facebook! But damn it, I have better fights there! You all are to reasonable here!

  7. Thanks, Indy. Just doin’ fine. But the rain in FL takes some gettn’-use-to if you’re from Brownbackistan. And, still workin’ at learnin’ this new MS10. Grace and peace to all.

  8. You know that comparing Trump to Hitler can really get his supporters to let loose. I have to state that my parents were married and I do not even like Kool-Aid! LOL

    • indypendent

      There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

      I suspect some Republicans like the fact that Trump is compared to Hitler – because they are the ‘favored’ color, religion and political beliefs.

  9. The picture at the top really hits a cord with me, I might have to steal it if that is ok.

  10. Thunderchild

    I don’t do much Facebook. But if there is a fight there, I am more than game!

    I know I know you rd. But it has been awhile. You knew me too. I was JR and Bluejay back in the day. Keep up the good fight and come here to find friends.

  11. indypendent


    Republicans are sticking to their story that anyone being on any terror list does NOT stop you from being able to buy any damn gun you want.

    Tell me again – Republicans claim to be the ones who are so concerned about our safety?

    I guess when it comes to the NRA and gun manufacturers making their profits or our safety – then we are just Shit out of Luck?

    • indypendent

      Just a thought –

      If being on a terror list and monitored by the FBI does not disqualify you from buying guns legally is the Republicans belief – then of course these same Republicans would have no problem with a US sitting president selling war arms to our sworn enemy Iran through the Iran Contra Scandal Deal.

      You know – after all – St. Ronnie Raygun said he could not remember selling those arms.

      But you notice – the old coot NEVER said that he did not sell those war arms.

      Yeah – Sure – Big eyeroll.

  12. indypendent

    Excuse me – I am offended when I hear these Republicans talk about how sad and upset they are there were 49 killed and 53 wounded at a popular gay bar.

    Most Republicans that I know and have had debates with – are those Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives who have been fighting for years to pass legislation making LGBT people subject to discrimination.

    Hell – now we see where these same KKK Republicans want to monitor which bathroom people use.

    So – to hear that these KKK folks are so upset and saddened by the carnage and violence afflicted at a gay bar – sounds so fake.

    When Sandy Hook Elementary School kids and teachers were killed in that mass shooting did not change the view of Republicans – nothing will change them – IMHO

    When that white man Dylan Roof killed thos black people in their own church – did that change these Republicans’ views on gun control?

    But you noticed – neither of those two mass shootings did any Republican call for a ban on allowing more White People – especially angry white men – into our country.

    I wonder why????

  13. indypendent


    This article states people at this gay bar knew the shooter as a ‘regular’ patron.

    Hmmm….so this had nothing to do with Radical Islamists ?

    Sounds to me like this guy was a wannabe and as the article states, when he pledged allegiance to ISIS and then other groups that are known to be enemies of ISIS – wouldn’t that bring up the possibility that this shooter was just a Wannabe that felt he needed an assault rifle to show how ‘macho’ he wanted to be?

    Hmmm…..just a thought…

  14. GSTIR

    I wonder how long it will be before some genius in our State Legislature proposes a bill tattoo the birth certificate sex of new babies on their foreheads to prevent the MONSTROUS problems they ( the Legislature) created?
    Isn’t it amazing how fast the party or “smaller government” rushes to pass laws to regulate social behavior? I think it’s named the “Kobach Syndrome”, an offshoot ot “Munchhausen By Proxy”..

    • indypendent

      Isn’t it amazing these same morons can talk about their perceived need for a bathroom bill but yet cannot seem to acknowledge the pressing need to come up with a schools funding bill that would be acceptable to the Court before the deadline of June 30th.

      My – oh my – can’t allow one of ‘those people’ to pee in a public bathroom. That is THE most important issue for all Kansans.

      In case you missed it – last sentence was pure SARCASM