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  1. Above is how Brownback and Kansas legislators treat our teachers and our public schools!

  2. Thunderchild

    Above is how almost every business employment firm treats their workers.

    (Hey if I am gonna reform and try to socialize in politics, I gotta comment currently, right?)
    Take it from someone who has eeked out his last 12 years working for himself,
    Work has not been respected by those with money in this country for a very long time. Like say, my whole life. And I am 50 years old.

    In the 70’s, I read in the Weekly Reader in Elementary school how robots were replacing workers in auto work. But even as a kid, I noticed, the price of cars did not come down, they went up.

    Reagan and the 80’s, Reagan’s job creation into the 90’s is touted by the right to THIS day. But these were not any more than service jobs.

    Kids? yeah you are all on Facebook and twitter so ya wont see this. Sam Walton, the founder of WALMART once made his slogan “made in America”

    Yeah but then he died, and for his family, being super rich was not enough.

    And with Walmart the most powerfull retailer in the world before the internet, buh bye fair paying American jobs. Hello Mexico! Hey if we can’t get your desperate refugees here well we can build plants there!

    But the prices for stuff didn’t come down

    and the money for the rich piled up.

    Its okay, Ronald Reagan, the worst President in history let his advisers make it ok. They enabled average Americans access to the stock market through IRAs and 401 ks. This was brilliant. For now, average Amerian workers had a personal interest in companies that cared nothing for them or anything else beyond profit. This is still true today. This created a working America where the old who had built corporate wealth became the enemies of their own kids and grandkids. Get the workers in on their OWN bottom line at the expense of the country and their own kids. Reagan was not smart enough to engineer this. Reagan was a dunce who had a wife who liked money.
    But let’s skip the history lesson that maybe 4 people will read and cut to the chase.
    And here is Donald Trump. A SERIOUS candidate for President.

    Build a wall? Hey I am all for it!….30 years ago. Protectionist policies and tariffs? Hey where were YOU Donald in the 80’s when that could have mattered??

    Oh yeah, getting rich and using outsourced labor.

    So, wrapping this (these days) long winded rant up. We live in an Ameica forged by the right these last 30 years, where they want everyone for themselves and dependent on the rich for simple survival. Hence we have candidate for the GOP Donald Trump. The CEO President.
    Maybe I should be like Trump and learn to condense my thoughts down to a tweet? I might get heard that way, like I used to….

    Yeah, no.

    If I am to be made to live in a Donald Trump America, I will not enable it by sinking to his own 3rd grade rhetoric
    This may well be my longest blog post ever. Well, it’s been awile.
    I don’t think prose is respected anymore, we live in the age of twitter and soundbytes.

    So, I’ll play

    “Donald Trump?? America you really fucking serious??

    • indypendent

      Reagan was not smart enough to engineer this. Reagan was a dunce who had a wife who liked money.

      Now this is funny – I have been known to go on long rants about Reagan. Hey – keep ’em coming – I’ll read them.

      What is so laughable is when current day Republicans demonize Hillary for being a woman – and using her gender to get stupid people to vote for her.

      Hmmm….It has been reported multiple times over the last three decades as to how Nancy Reagan was the one person that Ronnie listened to – and obeyed.

      Can you imagine what these Republicans would do to Hillary if it came out that she had an astrologer advising her every day on what to do and what not to do?

      THIS happened all the time with Nancy Reagan and her beloved Ronnie.

      There are two problems with this – IMHO

      1) Who the hell voted for Nancy Reagan to be president.
      2) Who the hell gave this astrologer the power of full compliance by our president?

      Nancy put her crooked nose into every aspect of that White House. If you doubt that – just do some research on how and why the Chief of Staff – Don Regan – got fired – after years of loyalty.

      Nobody crosses that lady in red.

      • indypendent

        But – on the other hand – at least we did not have to see nude photos of Nancy Reagan all over the Internet – like we are subjected to with Trump’s current wife – #3.

        And this woman is a foreigner – to add to the hypocrisy of the Republicans. Trump’s current wife – #3 – is a foreigner but yet Trump hates foreigners – or just those Mexicans and Arabs?

  3. indypendent

    On a serious note – I’ve been curious as to why we haven’t heard more pushback from Bill Clinton when Trump went on and on about Clinton’s womanizing – and Trump even went so far as to call Bill Clinton a rapist.

    Bill Clinton is a very intelligent and gifted politician – so I can only assume that Bill Clinton is following that old advice – give your enemy enough rope and they will hang themselves.

    Now Trump is after Sen. Elizabeth Warren – calling her Pocohontas.

    How dare Warren stand up to the Insolent Toddler Trump – that’s my new nickname for The Donald.

  4. Thunderchild

    Toddler Trump, I like it.

    Can it work though? Cause we are in a very scary through the looking glass place.
    Think back, do research even. WHEN was the last time we had a President who actually genuinely won on his own merit?

    Not Obama, he was “change” that brought little real change and seemed to rise high and fast while doing pretty much nothing. I still wonder what forces actually made him….

    Not Bush jr. He stole it from Gore and kept it because 911.

    Not Bill Clinton. He won because of Ross Perot.
    Bush Sr? he had the same forces he would later use to make his son. Also, Dukakis, while a good candidate was a moron with publicity.
    And now we are back to Reagan. Ronald Reagan, the GOD of the right. The reformed Democrat who saw the light!

    And it is all a sham. Ronald Reagan was ONCE a good man. And I did not mean to give his SECOND wife Nancy any credit for smarts.
    Hey if Hollywood had better writers in the 60s, maybe B actor Ronald Reagan never gets into politics. He COULD deliver the lines. Aww but that was not to be and he married Nancy, a less than B class actress. But what she lacked in acting ability she more than made up for in ambition. Nancy wanted money, and so she introduced her husband to the people who could help him make it.

    Somebody should do an epic about that sometime. The fall of Ronald Reagan.
    Now to this long winded post for an audience of I guess one, Ronald Reagan was made by money and power, just like EVERY SINGLE President since.
    I’m not a historian. I’m old. The LAST President got to office on his own game was Jimmy Carter.

    But let’s get back to now. Donald Trump is something like has never been seen before. He doesn’t need others money. He is the first person in history who can BUY the Presidency. I don’t think his effort in this was ever really serious to begin with and his early now departed staffers confirm this. It was a stunt to grow his brand. That he is savvy with social media provides the bonus, he can buy the office with other peoples money.

    And then, in the world of soundbytes and twitter, it caught fire. The massive ego that IS Trump grew and grows every day.

    Donald Trump is the most dangerous person on this planet who is treated seriously. And while serious and sane minds EVEN in his own party worry, his popularity grows.

    My hope? Protests at the GOP convention. Elected delegates speak up and Trump yells “get ’em out”

    THAT will finally reveal him.

    • Make that an audience of two (at least). And, it made a bunch of sense, you said things I hadn’t thought of, but you showed me the light. I’m glad you’re here.

      • indypendent

        It’s nice to have an old blog friend back in the group – huh? Hope we are lucky enough to see Prairie Pond soon..

    • indypendent

      IMHO – Jimmy Carter was an honest man that did not have the gift of being the most gifted politician.

      And then we had Ronald Reagan massaging the massive ego of Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys in 1980.

      Remember how Reagan and Falwell smeared the good name of Jimmy Carter? Nothing makes me angrier than to hear these Kristian Republicans demonize Jimmy Carter when I believe Carter was the true Christian in the White House.

      Jimmy Carter dared to tell the American people we needed to conserve energy and actively pursue alternative energy sources.

      I still remember Carter’s infamous ‘fireside chats’ – and the day he told us to put on a sweater.

      How dare that peanut farmer….!!!

      BTW – it still amazes me as to why Republicans continue to worship St. Ronnie Raygun – after what he did through the Iran Contra Scandal deal. And if anybody with a I.Q. above that of a slug would notice – Reagan testified that he did not remember selling war arms to Iran. But take special note – Reagan never said that he did NOT sell those war arms.

      Personally, I think Reagan was already showing signs of Alzheimers during his first term and Nancy was very much involved in being the real President during most of those 8 years of hell.

      After all – there were huge profits to be made all over the place. Wars are especially loved by Republicans and it’s because they are so profitable.

      The most profitable in my opinion was Nancy Reagan’s – War on Drugs.

      I’ve often written a novel in my mind that Ronald Reagan was the Anti-Christ that could charm the serpent in the Garden of Eden

      I can picture the door opening to the White House Oval Office in search of the American Drug Lord – and the chair turns around and we see Nancy Reagan sitting there with an evil smirk.

      Think about this – who would ever suspect those two ‘lovely Kristian white people in the White House – to be the picture of pure evil?

      Wouldn’t that plot be a fantastic book and/or movie?

      Oh well – perhaps I have too much time on my hands to get into trouble?

      BUT – I did say this was just my own thinking and as Republicans love to scream – Freedom of Speech also goes with Freedom of Thought – doesn’t it?

  5. Thunderchild

    Well, thank you. I have missed writing like that…

    Not that it is a particularly appreciated thing anymore.

    And since this thread is getting older now I’ll circle back to the original topic, which, at least I took as “work is not valued any longer”.

    And sadly, I have to ask just what of any worth IS valued anymore? Work isn’t. Deep thought and rhetoric isn’t. Hence a “serious” candidate for President who I can confidently predict may well respond to a cogent point from Hillary Clinton with “Yeah well, SO?”

    It is ironic and tragic that in an age where anyone can hold the sum total knowledge of human history in the palm of their hand that so many KNOW so little. KNOWLEDGE has become worthless. Victim to the very brilliance that created the technology to do it…

    How to fight it? Even small moves can make a difference. For example, I WILL not use self checkout registers at the store. If I have to wait a minute or two more fine. If my hamburger costs 9 cents more because I get to deal with a human being I consider it an investment. I KNOW technology eliminates jobs and I am not advocating for the rediculous like bringing back elevator operators. But even as innovation marches on, I KNOW greed looks to take advantage of it. Example Uber. Nice thing for now. But I won’t look into it. Because round about the time Uber has used their associates (employees without rights of most employeees) to wipe out public transit and cab companies, they will be ready to replace all their associates with self driving cars….

    I think the answer to all of this at large is simple consideration and respect. And there are sparks of hope for this…
    But I’ll get back to that when another thread presents itself for me to do so. There is an old saying, “Always leave them wanting more”….

    • indypendent

      Simple consideration and respect – that is what I was raised on in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

      As I’ve written many times previously – I was raised with guns. My extended family and friends had guns in the house. It was not a big problem back then.

      But BACK THEN – we had respect for the power of the gun and that it was ONLY to be used by your father and/or brother when they hunted. And when my dad had to kill some snakes down at the creek.

      I also remember a rabid dog that had come into our yard – my dad shot the dog.

      If you will notice – the gun was for protection.

      But my dad or brother NEVER strapped the gun around their fat beer guts and did the cock strut through the local store – like is being done today.

      Guns were everywhere but we did not have all these senseless killings we are witnessing today.

      People had basic respect but we also had consideration.

      We had people of different religions and NOBODY threatened anyone else over their choice of which God they worshipped – or even if they never went to church.

      Religion was viewed as a personal choice.

      Were the 50’s and 60’s a perfect time – OH HELL NO. America was very racist – which is why in 1964 Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

      In one stroke of Johnson’s pen signing that bill – the White Southern Kristian Democrats turned into what we now see as the White Southern Kristian Konservative Republicans.

      And we’ve also watched the Republican Party become more and more radicalized (I think that is appropriate term) into thinking that their White Heritage trumps everybody else.

      I think this is what Donald Trump has been fueling in the GOP which is why he is so popular among that group.

      Churches today are majority big business – look at the many mega church campus complexes just in Wichita alone. Hell – go east on North 21st from Wichita to Andover and count the huge churches. And then think about how much money does it take to keep those places operating?

      I don’t remember Jesus telling us to build huge churches. I remember Jesus healing the sick, feeding the hungry, giving hope to the outcasts, protecting the prostitute from the self-righteous that wanted to stone her to death and Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

      IMHO – Jesus was NOT a capitalist because if he could raise the dead – can you imagine how much money he could have made off that alone? Imagine if he had patented that idea……

      WOW……he would have owned the world.

      But Jesus did not do the things he did out of motivation for profit for himself.

      Jesus was about one thing – LOVE.

      And that is what is missing today – the basic compassion of being able to simply love one another as we love ourselves.

      OR – if you can’t love somebody – then just leave them the hell alone.