Tuesday, 5/31/16, Public Square

Calvin and Hobbs


by | May 31, 2016 · 2:03 pm

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  1. indypendent

    The saddest part of the last 8 years has been that due to partisan politics and downright hatred by Republicans – our country never got the chance to get the best of Obama.

    Obama is of mixed race – his mother was white and his father was black.

    Obama’s step father was Muslim – so Obama knows about that religion (which would have been immense value to us when we claim we are fighting the War on Terror)

    But – rather than working with Obama and trying to find common ground – these sore loser Republicans knowingly made the choice to go Full-On Crazy for their hatred of Obama for 8 long years.

    And to obstruct EVERYTHING – even those ideas that Republicans have pushed for – simply because Obama might have agreed to it.

    How many times have we seen this happen in Congress? Republicans introduce their bill – Obama agrees in theory to it – and then these Republicans voted against their own damn bills.

    Makes no sense…

    But – people who are Proud To Be Stupid never make sense – do they?

    • indypendent

      In re-reading this comment – the thought hit me – people who are so full of hatred for someone else and are willing to burn down everything just to make a point – sounds a lot like more than few Evangelical Kristian Konservatives I’ve known in my past – from that FundyBaptist College and that Baptist Church with the preacher that caused a lot of hatred and hurt when he decided to make me out to be the sinner for my fiancĂ© being a Southern Baptist preacher and I dared to leave the Fundy Baptist Church to be with my new husband.

      I’ve often wondered – what is that preacher doing today?

      On Facebook – he is a used car salesman, on his fourth wife and a huge Sarah Palin fan.

      Hmmm….enough said????

      • LOL you asking if “enough said???” It amazes me I keep being asked when I am coming back to church? This after in open congregation Praying for the soul of this church and the faith itself! Then as much telling that the political activism being done by the likes of Terry Fox and his minions, is damning the faith and religious belief to be doomed to failure. Driving non believers away from God and the savior Jesus. For which both the self righteous Christians and the non believers will be damn to Hell. Can I say you could have heard a pin drop. Now it was my turn to become shocked, over half of the people there that Sunday clapped for me and late came up and told me they had been feeling the same way.

        LOL oh another brag I guess, when confronted with the President is really from Africa and is a Kenyan. I counter with “even worst his grandmother is from Kansas!” I have just too much fun sometimes. But damn it is so interesting shooting fish in the barrel they walk up to me with and open the damn thing up!

    • Yeah finally got here! Now to the point I will reply: ” May not have gotten the best of President Obama. But “DAMN WHAT WE HAVE GOTTEN!”, the economy is making a strong recovery, health care for many whom could not afford it. Even those who had health care it improved, The country’s number one enemy is dead!, Made the NAZI-CONS look like stone fools,
      All fighting such partisan politics and racism that would have defeated most others. I would say those are pretty good hat tricks!

      • indypendent

        Good to see and hear your thoughts again – R.D.

        I agree – Obama has done some amazing accomplishments – and he did it under the most extreme hostile conditions.

        I’m just glad it was Obama in that office – he has proven himself to be a strong, thoughtful, think-before-you-speak person that greatly raised the I.Q. in that White House Oval Office from his predecessor – IMHO

        LOL – I have this mental picture of you standing up in your church and telling them like it is……but it does give me hope that so many folks came up to you later and said they feel the same way.

        Maybe there is hope this Era of Huge Mega Complex Corporate Churches is on it’s way out of fashion.