Wednesday, 5/18/16, Public Square

americans dead


by | May 17, 2016 · 7:39 pm

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    • indypendent


      I watched Katie Couric on The Stephen Colbert Show and if I remember correctly, Katie said that the NRA represents only 5% of the actual gun owners in America.

      5% ?? Why are we making laws – or not making laws – based on what this 5% wants?

      I know….I know…..MONEY + MONEY = power in Congress.

      • indypendent

        Do you think that 5% is mainly the gun manufacturers and those who profit off the sales of guns and ammo?

      • Wouldn’t surprise me if the % was much smaller. A teeny tiny % holds almost all the wealth in the world. The rest of us are just treading water.

      • Wealth is not equal to income. Rather, it is the aggregate of all value accumulated by a group/family/whatever over generations. To my mind, higher marginal income tax rates would do little to change the inequality problem. What is needed is transfer (think estate and gift taxes) taxes which have few deductions, and are imposed at very high rates. The Koch family is Exhibit A of why these kind of taxes are needed.