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so poor only have money


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  1. R.D.Liebst

    Thank you, this new lap top had me feeling so stupid Lol and at one time I was even a certified Computer Programmer whom other ask for help from!
    Well almost every I am finding that I still a bit of Don Keota in me. Other have express that they were wishing that was one part of me I had forgotten. But right is right no matter whom it is that is doing wrong in my eyes. The Pastor has gotten an ear full… my family members have gotten ear fills, along with other Republicans. I generally am not the one bring up the topics.

  2. Thank you for sending link this lap top is such a FUBAR … I have to reload everything.

    • You’re very welcome! Good to see you back!

    • Good to see you R.D. – keep on being just the way you are – outspoken and not afraid to speak your mind.

      If anybody objects – just politely point out that you are merely doing what they’re doing – expressing your freedom of speech.

  3. Thank you all, most of the people I enter act with know how I am. LOL and often those I meet soon know how I am too.

  4. Does anybody here know of a good dentist that works with children?

    My DIL was told by one dentist to have the granddaughter diagnosed with ADHD so their insurance would cover the $950 charge for nitrous oxide gas because he refused to work on any young child without the gas.

    I guess the justification for the diagnosis was to get his next million into his off shore accounts?


    • My daughter took her kids to her dentist (he is also my dentist) since they were really young. He is on the west side although it’s easy for east siders to get there — his office is right at the Ridge Rd exit of 96 hwy. His name is Eric Farmer.


    Is it just me or is this Cruz-Kasich agreement a stupid idea?

    Kasich plans to meet with the Indiana Republican Governor today and still plans to raise money in the state – but yet this new agreement with Cruz has Kasich giving Indiana to Cruz as a way to stop Trump…

    Did I miss something here?

    BTW – when Trump says the entire political system is rigged – doesn’t the news of this Cruz-Kasich agreement just prove Trump’s point?

    Again – I have to ask – did I miss something here?

    • indy, it’s a blocking maneuver. The point of the exercise is to win enough votes to keep Trump from obtaining the sufficient (or all, in the case of a “winner take all”) delegates in these primaries to, in essence, cinch the Republican convention. So, Kasich drops out of Indiana to give Cruz the maximum number of non-Trump delegates available, rather than dividing them between Kasich and Cruz. Cruz drops out to give Kasich the other two states.

      As far as the fund raising, all campaigns need money. Kasich is doing what he should be, in the hopes of obtaining the nomination. And Trump is correct.

      • I understand why Cruz and Kasich is doing this agreement – but I also believe it will backfire on them – and rightfully so – IMHO.

        I heard on a NPR news report that said Indiana’s delegates have already been selected and they are free to vote as they wish.

        This is rather puzzling – because if the delegates are told they can vote for the candidate they want – why bother having the voters show up at the polls?

        Which is just one more thing that Trump can point to and say ‘see folks, it’s already rigged’

      • 6176 – I’ve heard more than one political pundit say they believe the GOP convention will be contested because Trump will come up just short of the required 1237 delegates.

        With that said – then a second vote would be taken and this is supposedly when Cruz believes he will walk in and grab the coveted beauty contest crown away from Trump.

        But some of these pundits are now saying that even that scenario is not plausible – and they look for someone other than the current three – Trump, Cruz and Kasich – to be installed as the eventual GOP nominee.

        Could it possibly be Jeb Bush they are still desperately trying to get into office?

  6. LOL of all places, I have gotten into a pissing contest with a Neo-Con on Facebook. YEAH I am having fun, I accusing them of not being old enough to remember. They accusing me of being too old to remember.