Thursday, 4/14/16, Public Square

not bigoted


by | April 13, 2016 · 6:50 pm

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  1. Asher Bob White

    Ah, yes; “Religion!” Religion is most-often used by “believers” for purposes other-than what is taught by Jesus, the Jews, the Bible or that God-our-Father-in Heaven, somewhere.

    • indypendent

      One cannot blame Jesus for what his so-called followers do – huh?

      I’ve told my kids and grandkids that Jesus (the real Jesus) was an awesome dude. He took care of the sick for free. Even raised a dead guy from his death – again, for free.

      Jesus walked and lived amongst the outcasts of society – the thieves, liars, prostitutes and cheaters.

      The ONLY time Jesus ever lost his temper was when the money vendors(the current Religious Right?) were making money in the Temple.

      I’m pretty sure Jesus did not believe in runaway capitalism – nor did he love money – or otherwise Jesus would have put up his own booth alongside those money vendors and made his first million – just off the heatlh care and raising the dead sklls he possessed.

  2. Remember when PrairiePond used to tell us about The Donner Party as part of the history of where she lives? WOW, this just blows you away if you love history!