Monday, 4/11/16, Public Square

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by | April 11, 2016 · 3:03 pm

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  1. It has always boggled my mind as to how these Pro Life folks scream about how much they love babies and every life is sacred – but yet these same folks are usually the same ones that want to carpet bomb those evil Muslims and make the sand glow.

    Don’t these folks know there are innocent pregnant women and babies over in those Muslim countries that will be killed if we carpet bomb the place?

    I guess only white babies here in America are the one these Pro Life folks really are about?

    One last thing – if you truly want to decrease abortions in this country, then let’s start promoting birth control.

    Or – at least stop promoting the use of erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and etc.

    Oh – and stop sexualizing everything in our society. Young girls dressed like hookers and paraded around is sending out a very bad message – IMHO

    And as for young boys – let’s stop pretending we don’t have a problem with grown men – sometimes in very high-ranking jobs and even in the churches – are not child molesters. And if they are exposed for what they are – PUNISH the child molesters – NOT the young boys.


  2. indypendent


    When are WE the PEOPLE going to be told the truth about Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11?

  3. indypendent


    In case anyone needs a few days to complete their tax returns – thanks to Abraham Lincoln – we have a few days reprieve.

  4. Asher Bob White

    And, I really like this explanation of “Pro Choice!”