Friday, 4/8/16, Public Square



by | April 8, 2016 · 12:02 pm

7 responses to “Friday, 4/8/16, Public Square

  1. Look, Indy! Some nonsense spewing from one your least favorite nonsense spewers.

    • indypendent

      God help us all…..

      I still have to ask – why does anyone still listen to this man?

      Has anyone noticed the irony of Justice Scalia’s death?

      Pat Robertson – the old coot in the picture – actually urged his followers to pray for God to remove three Supreme Court Justices through possible heart attacks – remember?

      I don’t think Pat was thinking of Scalia when he made that request – do you?

      God must have a great sense of humor because Scalia died at the age of 69 and from a heart attack.

      While those three Supreme Court Justices that good ol’ Pat was referring to are much older and STILL living. What a kick to his good ol’ Pat’s ego.

      • indypendent

        Here’s a thought I wish to throw out for discussion and comments:

        Why did Pat have to throw in the idea that feminists are out to destroy capitalism?

        What the hell does capitalism have to do with leaving husbands, killing children, practicing witchcraft and becoming lesbians have to do with capitalism?

        Just like all of Pat’s ramblings – if one sits down and actually thinks the nonsense out logically – you will soon learn there is no logic to this man’s ramblings..

  2. Asher Bob White

    Times do change. And not often do they improve; certainly not by today’s immoral conservative Republicans. As illustrated by today’s post, every noted abuse of President Obama was engineered by ‘those-kind-of-republicans;’ and this list of examples is not exhaustive. Citizens in today’s United States have very little of which to be proud regarding this government. It is, clearly and unquestionable, corrupt.

    • indypendent

      Bob – I have come to the sad conclusion that we do have this mindset of folks who are ‘Proud to be Stupid’.

      These folks know they are being stupid but yet don’t care.

      Do you agree?

      • Asher Bob White

        Yes, Indy, I do agree. I view what we are talking about as prideful, even a level of arrogance. Certainly not humility as in the wisdom of Jesus’ teachings. At the church-level, it is the Mega-Church you reference on occasion. Ugly!

  3. indypendent

    Another week – another chance to be shown just how stupid can Americans be.

    Only time will tell….