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by | April 3, 2016 · 1:18 pm

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  1. I hear more Hillary bashing and Bernie bashing from democrats than I like to hear. I don’t understand why anyone couldn’t see how dangerous it would be if a republican was elected. I don’t think it’s okay to hate Hillary in order to support Bernie AND I don’t think it is okay to hate Bernie in order to support Hillary.

    One of the two of them will become the Democratic Party nominee soon enough. I sure hope there is a unified party to get behind them!

    • indypendent

      Sad to say – I think this black or white, feuding mindset has become the norm in our society.

      Whatever happened to people agreeing to disagree? That has gone out the window.

      I prefer Bernie Sanders but if Hillary wins the nomination that is great. Hillary on her worst day is 1000% better than any Republican on their best day.

      BTW – when has any president been 100% approved by anyone??

      • There you go again, Indy! (Sorry if that brings Reagan into the conversation đŸ™‚ ). You proved, AGAIN, you are sane, smart, adult, savvy…

        Yes, we used to put aside differences and even respect one another. I miss those days.

      • indypendent

        You know me too well – I have this distaste for Reagan and it has yet to diminish over the years – especially when I hear these Republicans calling Obama a secret Muslim and/or Muslim lover that wants to destroy America.

        If selling war arms to our sworn enemy Iran through the Iran Contra Scandal deal was a patriotic thing – then Reagan deserves to be that Golden Idol.

        But in my dictionary – selling war arms to our enemy is an act of treason – and that used to get you a date with a firing squad.

        When did the rules change??

        BTW – I do have to give Reagan credit for one thing. Reagan did have the capacity – and good sense (?) – to at least be friendly and cordial to his perceived political enemies. I never heard of Reagan actually out for blood like some of these current Republicans.

        Now if we’re talking about Nancy Reagan out for blood – that’s an entirely different story.

      • indypendent

        I feel I must explain why I prefer Bernie. This is the man who has beat the same message drum for his entire political career. This man understands that unbridled corporatization is a cancer that is eating away the very soul of America.

        Hillary is a lot like Obama – I like them both but I am disappointed that Obama has not done more to hold these corporations accountable for their actions.

        The day Obama praised Jamie Dimon of Citibank or Chase Bank (?) is the day I was really disappointed in Obama. This Dimon dude got a 35% increase in his pay after their corporation laid off a bunch of workers.

        HOW the hell is that something to reward? I know, I know ….it’s all about the stockholders and with less workers, there is more profit.

        Well – there must be more profit because where else would they have that much extra money to given the top fat cat a 35% pay increase??

        But – like I said above – no president has ever had 100% approval from anybody. Certainly not me – even with the best of the presidents.

        One last note – I like Bernie’s ideas but I think Hillary is a better politician to deal with the Republicans.

        And let’s face it – when Republicans lose to Hillary, they are going to be twice as evil as they have been these past 7 years. These folks are going to be livid.

        Hillary knows the ropes of Washington DC – and she knows how to use those ropes – if it comes down to it.

      • I’m voting for Hillary because I want to and I want her to be president because I think she will be a very good president. If Bernie is the Democratic nominee I will vote for him. No nose-holding, no pouting, no threatening to sit this one out or write in someone… It is very important to me that none of those radical republicans get anywhere near the White House. If you look at where Brownback has taken Kansas I think you get a tiny glimpse of where a republican president would take our country. I believe it wouldn’t take but a few months for our country to be bankrupt, fighting multiple wars and perhaps being forced to recite select Bible verses daily or be beheaded.

      • indypendent


        Speaking of having to recite Bible verses…….

        I lived and graduated from that Fundy Baptist College in Tennessee. These folks were nutjobs when I was there and it’s been decades since I lived there.

        Maybe it’s in the water? Or too much inbreeding??

      • indypendent

        I’m looking forward to watching President Hillary Clinton and how she goes about becoming Moe of the Three Stooges comedy act.

        Remember those three – Moe, Larry and Curly?

        Moe was the one that always slapped the other two silly.

        Can’t you imagine Hillary slapping Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell upside their pointed little heads – Pass the popcorn.

    • Asher Bob White

      Very important graphic about which people need to know. And “if” it were 100 people their society would do something about quality-of-life for every one of them. However, there are too many to know or care-about, consequently, all of us forget and dismiss everybody’s actual needs. It’s a sad reality. What do you believe is a possible solution?

    • indypendent

      fnord – can you make this video pop for me?

      I just saw this video while trying to find a Three Stooges video clip to use. This explains so much about the GOP primary – doesn’t it?

      • I know I’m not fnord, but hope this is what you wanted.

      • indypendent

        Thanks 6176 –

        Hope things are going well for you ? How’s the family and those grandkids doing?

      • indy, thanks for asking.

        Saw the grandkids two months ago, they are growing and doing well. My mother is slowing down, at age 88 she is entitled. Otherwise, she’s doing quite well. Norma and I have been seeing our respective physicians a bit more frequently than I would like. Since the first of the year, I’ve had the shingles around my left eye, which resulted in visits to the eye doctor to check that the eye was not adversely affected. Luckily, the shingles were minor, with the eye not affected. Then, we went to Chicago for a second opinion for Norma’s daughter (she was diagnosed with, and underwent surgery for kidney cancer some 8 months ago, her medical insurer wanted an expert look, all good), and both contracted bad colds. We’re doing okay for the most part now, but it’s been an interesting time.

        Sorry for the overload of information. Hoping you and yours are doing well, and you’re avoiding medical surprises.

      • indypendent

        6176 –

        Sounds like you’ve been busy doing what I call the medical merry-go around. Seems like you get through with one doctor’s apt and there is another doctor waiting for you to see.

        Sorry to hear about the daughter’s kidney cancer. I hate the word ‘cancer’ and it makes me so angry when I think that we will be spending over a billion dollars on this 2016 election campaign but yet we are still fighting over the access to affordable health care for every American.

        Glad to hear your shingles did not affect your eye. Those shingles can be a real problem.

        My grandkids are growing. I still watch all three of them during the weekdays. Our youngest one is now 2 years old and runs faster than this old Grandma.

        Well – you take care of yourself and Norma and her daughter.

        I’ll keep you all in my prayers – aka positive energy flowing through this Universe.