Wednesday, 3/30/16, Public Square



by | March 30, 2016 · 12:47 pm

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  1. Where did March go? Must have blown away with the strong winds.

    I can hardly bear to think about politics — our state is in the worst shape I can ever remember and there’s nothing on the horizon that gives much hope. National politics is a daily downer.

    Even Mother Nature seems a bit off.

    Oh well, there’s this tiny blog full of nice, smart people to give us a lift!

    • indypendent

      I love the cartoon today – so true… true

      I saw Ted Cruz on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night. I am not a big fan of Jimmy Kimmel but I stayed on that channel because I heard that Ted Cruz was coming up next.

      Jimmy Kimmel did not back down from Cruz on several issues. Cruz kept talking and Kimmel responded with – then we’ll just have to agree to disagree. You could tell by Cruz’s face that he was not happy.

      The two major issues they disagreed on was Obamacare being a disaster and Cruz’s call for intense security in these Muslim neighborhoods.

      Even Kimmel said what most experts are saying – if we clamp down on all the Muslims that are loyal Americans, then they will not help us catch the bad Muslims.

      And Cruz’s face was like – well, so what….

      But the following guest was a comedian – Mike Epps. Jimmy Kimmel asked him if he was a Cruz fan. Epps said ‘no’ and that to him – Ted Cruz always looked happy and sad at the same time. Epps then stated he was a Hillary supporter and then Epps turned around and looked behind him and said that Cruz looked like Grandpa Munster and he wanted to be sure he was gone.

      I just about died laughing…

      So – the cartoon is quite appropriate….

      • indypendent

        If I heard correctly, Trump is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s show tonight.

        I need to make popcorn!!!

      • indypendent

        In an effort to be entirely truthful – Trump was NOT on Jimmy Kimmel last night. I must have heard wrong – or maybe Jimmy Kimmel was wishing Trump would come on his show??

        Anyway – the popcorn was still good…

  2. Asher Bob White

    We do not vote for Monsters, do we! And, what about Bernie’s chances, now? I have a daughter in Derby who is working her heart-out for Bernie.

    • indypendent

      I see a lot of Bernie Sanders signs in my travels through Wichita and out to surrounding towns.

      I think Bernie has surprised a lot of folks..