Thursday, 3/24/16, Public Square

11 hrs vs 3 min


by | March 23, 2016 · 8:36 pm

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  1. Asher Bob White

    Glad we’re back. Grace and peace to you.

  2. I am glad too, too often I am faced with less then sane people this has been one place I can find them!

  3. LoL, do you ever get the impression that even after President Obama he been dead for twenty years. There will still be those whom swear he is a Moslem plant? I have never met so many otherwise sane people whom on that point are totally off their rockers! Perhaps it is the groups I hang out with, I seem to become an outcast quickly.

    • Better an outcast – IMHO.

      Always remember – in the Bible I read, Jesus lived and worked among the outcasts of society. Jesus was never a part of the Temple Popular Jocks and Cheerleaders crowd -was he?

      I remember my Grandpa who was not a church going man. He had one suit which he wore to funerals and weddings and those were the only times he was in church. My Grandpa lived a life that most Christians can only hope to live – or they try to convince others they are living. Grandpa believed in the old school rule of helping others without expecting anything in return.

      My Grandpa died suddenly one day in his backyard trimming his lilac bushes. It was a massive heart attack – and he was only 64 yrs old.

      When my Grandma and Mother was going through Grandpa’s things – they found a laminated card in his wallet.

      On one side was the picture of Jesus knocking on the door and on the back side, there was the 23rd Psalm.

      For being such a non-church going man – I believe Grandpa was a spiritual man.

      And I’ve always said that – religion is a set of man-made rules to control people.

      Faith is spiritual

      NEVER confuse the two.

      I will soon be 63 yrs old and I often think about my Grandpa being only 64 yrs old when he died. It does make you think.

      But one thing I do know – wherever Grandpa is – he is still that same loving, compassionate, funny, warm and giving person that he was here on Earth.

      And that is how I view things…..

      But, you can’t go by what I say – as I’ve confessed many times here on the blog – I have a definite bias against these churches of today. Too many are nothing more than corporate-run, tax-free money-making machines.

  4. I assume we’ve all seen or heard the latest Twitter feud between Trump and Cruz?

    In summary – a super pac for Cruz put up billboards with the naked pictures of Trump’s #3 (and current) wife. And with the caption about is this your idea of a First Lady (or something to that effect)

    Anway – Trump fired off the first tweet and stated that Lyin’ Ted needs to stop it or he would spill the beans about his wife Heidi Cruz.

    Of course, Cruz tweets back that he was not involved in that billboard sign and had nothing to do with it. Hmmm.. even if he is not involved with the super pac, Cruz never asked the group to take it down. Hmmm….

    Anyway – this feud has been going on since Tuesday night.

    First thing – those naked pictures of Trump’s #3 wife have been published for a while now – so that’s old news.

    Second thing – maybe we should know about those Heidi Cruz beans.

    Third thing – are we in middle school boys locker somewhere ??

    I am so tired of this crappola…And this is coming from the Family Values and Loud-N-Proud Christian Conservative Republicans.


    • BTW – R.D. – I suspect that Trump and Cruz are examples of that Temple Popular Jocks and Cheerleaders crowd I referred to in my earlier comment.

      These are the folks who continually use the name of God and Jesus to feather their own nests.

      Personally – I believe that is what is meant in the Ten Commandments when it says to not to use the Lord’s name in vain.

      A lot of people think this pertains to cursing. What is more vain than a con man or woman using the name of God and Jesus to make money to line their own pockets?

  5. GSTIR

    If the Universe short circuits and Trump is elected, I wonder what the chances are he’ll pull a Palin and bail after a couple of years? I’d say pretty good , given his childish attention span.

  6. I am back and happy, very happy, to find you all here.

    I was sick for about three weeks, and am still playing catch-up. Nothing serious — pneumonia with allergies added in and a bit of old age. đŸ˜¦

    Love ya all!