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  1. I have one burning question when it comes to Trump wanting to be President. “Why would Trump want to be President?”. It could not be for the power, after all , the guy could buy six times over everything he would ever want! I am sure by now he already owns his own Kingdom in other places.
    Plus in his kingdom he has total rule, so it is not about having such power that his will be done. So why go to all that much trouble?

    • I do not know, I brought the question up to someone as to why Trump would want to be President? They told me it is about Tax exemption. That the president and former Presidents are tax exempt for several hundred thousands for life time. I have never heard of such a thing! As it is I am sure he has at least that much stockpiled in off shore accounts anyway.

      • Why bother having such a ridiculous tax exemption for former presidents?

        The 1% don’t pay their taxes now – with the blessings of the stupid people who are Proud to be with Stupid.

  2. Asher Bob White

    “America” —– just like every other country when it comes to “the people.”

    • Sometimes I think Americans are worse – there are people who truly believe they are special snowflakes because Jesus loves them the best and Jesus has picked America as his home team.

      I have started to suspect that the reason we have our current political colossal joke on the Republican side of the aisle is due to the fact Jesus is tired of people using his name to further their own agendas and line their own pockets with all that tax-free money.

      Maybe Jesus finally got his fill of these Krazed Kristians?

  3. RD – after thinking about your question as to why Trump wants to be president – I can only think of one thing:

    Trump needs to ‘win’ the presidency to satisfy his huge ego – even if it only lasts for a few minutes.

    I truly believe that if Trump gets into the White House – his mouth will get us into World War III and the Holy War combined – and nobody will be around to tell the story.

    The fastest growing population is the 85-plus and within that group the 100-yr-olds group is really growing.

    So – take that into consideration – that a lot of our lion’s share of the health care dollars is being put towards that group – so they are all doing well medically.

    Then we have the middle working class that has been bombarded with loss of money and power since the Reagan 8-years-of-terror. And a lot of these folks may have health insurance but they don’t have the co-pay and out-of-pocket money to get sick – nor the time to take off work if they’re sick because their boss threatens to fire them.

    And let’s face it – have you seen the average American today? Take a walk through Walmart – their average worker is the working poor. Again – no money and no power in that group.

    But everybody seems so willing to go to war at the drop of a hat and with this bravado type bragging that George W. Bush had when he swaggered around and said ‘bring it on’.

    World War II was a war that not very many average Americans remember – and they certainly don’t read their History books either – or these folks would know that when World War III comes – our way of life will be curtailed.

    There will no more gold-blinged cell phones. No designer coffees. No designer shoes or purses. No gas at the drop of a hat to drive that new fancy car.

    I remember my grandparents talking about the rationing during World War II. There was very little comforts during those years – and people had to do without.

    Can you imagine the outrage from our average Americans if they had to stop using their cell phones to text or play their latest game?

    Can you imagine the outrage from our average Americans if they were told they could not buy any gas more than their ration card would allow?

    These average Americans do not have a clue as to how they would survive if World War III really came to be.

    I, for one, don’t want to see how our country would fold like a cheap suit. Our people are not ready for any damn war……no matter how big a swagger Trump has….or what empty promises he makes.

    • Kind of a note on the WWII generation that fought In that war. When ever I meet someone who fought in either theater. I thank them and make a point that they stopped two mad men whom was wanting to destroy this world. Also any Vietnam Vets I make a point of telling them “welcome home and Job well done!”. I am just of that age, turned 18 in 1975. So the draft and the thought of going to Nam was on my mind a lot. By then it was clear that we had no business there. I did go to register for the Draft. But was told they were ending it so no need. My youngest son fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We agreed, one was understandable while the other was for nothing but to make rich oil people richer. .

      • I am also of the age of the Vietnam War – and I had a personal loss that came in the form of a body bag.

        As World War II – my grandpa did not go fight but he did go to the shipyard to build the ships necessary to fight that war. He also managed to keep his family together which means living in the same house with my grandma’s sister and her husband and their kids.

        It meant sacrifice to all share one small house – but they did it because it was the right thing to do and because housing was in great demand and supply was limited.

        There were no luxuries during those days – but families cared about each other and families cared about other families in their community.

        That is what is different today – we have so much ‘stuff’ that we don’t have to even think about doing without – or sharing – or even caring about the folks down the street.

        When did people stop caring?

        I still remember how these Republicans demonized Hillary Clinton for saying it takes a village to raise a child. And the saddest part of all that demonization is the fact a lot of those folks demonizing her claimed to be such fine morally superior Christians.

        When the hell did Jesus EVER turn his back on a child?

        I just don’t get it…….

  4. What are your thoughts about yesterday’s voting?

    I just listened to Glenn Beck ramble on about how the Republican Party has not listened to the people for the past 7 years – and that is not constitutional. Beck further explained that the GOP has created the monster called Trump and they had ample warning from the Tea Party folks – but the GOP has chosen to play political games.

    And then Beck – like all good Constitutionalists do – threw in the name of George Washington as a good loyal American Patriot that NEVER compromised on anything – and the GOP is now facing this mess they created by NOT standing to their principles in the past 7 years.

    Beck is supporting Cruz and Beck said he will NEVER vote for Trump or Hillary – he will just not vote if Trump is the GOP nominee.


    Do these self-professing Constitutionalists not ever get the fact that our Founding Fathers had a big fight on their hands on every issue that came up in the very first Congress?

    Do these Constitutionalists truly believe that the Founding Fathers just waltzed in and told their fellow Americans what they were going to do and everybody just fell down in agreement ?

    DAMN……the dumbing down of America has been in action for the past two generations – but this is ridiculous.

    • Here is my assessment as to why we have so many angry people looking to Trump when he preaches his nationalism theme.

      Republicans bragged about their #1 job was to bring down Obama – at any cost. So – rather than Republicans doing their job in the Senate and House and coming to some type of compromise to get things done – our country has been at a cut-throat situation every damn time an issue came up. And usually – it took fighting like a dog and a cat to even get a budget bill that kicked the can down the road for a few months.

      Maybe that is what has made the people angry?

      We’ve not functioned as a unified – albeit compromise had to be done – country for a long time.

      Just take a look at John Boehner’s speakership rules – it was the group of 16 Far Right Wingers who would not compromise on anything – that kept the Do-Nothing House from doing nothing – AGAIN.

      Does Beck and his other Constitutionalists truly believe that only small majority gets to RULE by their iron fists?

      That is apparently what these fools believe. But – then again – these fools were also the ones that cheered and applauded when Sarah Palin told the story about how Paul Revere made his infamous ride was to warn the British to not come up here because we are armed.

      JEEZUS….Almighty…….the dumbing down of America is about complete.

  5. Nancy Reagan died today at the age of 94.

    I cannot pretend to be saddened by this news. I didn’t wish her any ill will during her lifetime – but now that she is gone, I hold no pretense that I care.

    I still think Ronald Reagan did a lot of damage to our country and until the Republican Party is willing to acknowledge that fact – then our politics will get uglier and uglier – IMHO

    • BTW – it was reported on another web site that Nancy Reagan had the guy fired that she blamed for his ineptness to keep the truth from coming out about Ronald Regan approving the sale of arms to Iran.

      Even when that was proven to be true – these Republicans continue to worship the man – even long after he was dead.

      I don’t understand how people can simply put on those Reagan Rose-Colored Glasses and not see the truth when it is staring you in the face.

      The Obamas put out a statement that I thought was dignified and appreciative of Nancy Reagan’s role in American history.

      The Obamas have always shown class – even when they know that every Reagan-loving Republican hates their guts – and is not afraid to call them every name in the Book – and have bragged about doing so.

    • I did not know just how much damage he did, until I became aware of the threat that the Nazi-cons posed. That bed was far bigger then I would have imagined! His administration was full of them.

  6. Well – what will this week bring from the GOP Circus of Clowns?

    DAMN…..I keep thinking this bunch of fools has hit the bottom of their cesspool and they prove me wrong every time.

  7. Well – another bombing attack and this time in Brussels.

    What are your thoughts and which GOP candidate do you think is going to use this to their full advantage?


    #1 – Trump
    #2 – Cruz

    I do think Kasich is more sane than the other two Republicans in this race. I heard Trump’s and Kasich’s statement this morning – and Kasich sounded more like a presidential statement.

    Trump’s was just to stoke those fires again……and again….and again..

    I’m not saying we don’t have a problem that needs to be addressed – but I also believe that Americans cannot fix this problem all by ourselves.

    I don’t believe that our big bombs, guns and tanks are going to very effective at our insatiable thirst for never-ending wars.

  8. So – the Western States have had their votes counted – what are you thoughts?

    I will not be surprised when Trump gets to the GOP Convention just a little bit short of the required 1237 votes to get the nomination outright – so there will be a Civil War within that GOP convention hall. I don’t expect Cruz or the Establishment candidate Kasich to go away quietly.