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  1. Asher Bob White

    Nope; not al all. Discipline is a positive and constructive consequence. He is talking about punishment; an adverse and ill-advised method of creating or changing behaviors. Discipline is positive, and punishment is negative; that simple! Remember learning about Pavlov and his dog. It wasn’t merely any kind of reinforcement, it was positive reinforcement. Punishment may result in your desired-end, short-term, but it will come back to bite-you eventually, and create “bad” people. This is the very long failed story of incarceration in prisons and jails in place of and a substitute for behavior modification “services.”

    • I had never thought about it and certainly never had anyone explain it so well. Now that I have, I agree. Discipline is necessary and, as you said, positive. I raised four great kids (laughing when I realize I still call them ‘kids’) and I did know the power of positive all those years, but I’d never had the difference between discipline and punishment explained. Thanks! I needed that! đŸ™‚

    • I’m afraid that punishment is a big time factor in our religious beliefs throughout history.

      Look at how the Puritans handled their citizens – punishment was indeed their first choice – and sometimes as in the case of the Scarlet Letter Syndrome – even though it takes a man and a woman to commit adultery, only the woman got punished.

      And isn’t that still true today? Look at these Pro Life folks who demonize the woman for getting pregnant and never once mention the man who got that woman pregnant.

      Same as in these rape cases – do you ever hear these Christian Conservative Republicans blame the man? Todd Akin – for example – said what these Republicans think in the 2012 campaign.

      Punishment is just a way for those folks in power to feel superior about themselves….IMHO

      Plus – when it comes to our the incarceration problem in the USA – I blame it on the for-profit prison system we have in place today.

      Money talks and the B.S. walks…

      • Asher Bob White

        Jesus never even considered ‘punishing’ anyone, He only forgave them, first, and then offered them parables of wisdom. He was “almost” ….. too good to be true. Is he the only one?

      • You’re 100% correct Bob – Jesus never punished anyone – well, unless you count the time he ran those money changers out of the Temple.

        But ironically – today’s current Corporate Mega Church Kristians make those money changers in the Bible look like amateurs.

  2. As for our becoming a consumer economy – that started in the Reagan 8 years of terror – IMHO

    Corporatization is our worst enemy – and these Republicans NEVER say anything about that..

  3. I am still suffering from the ill decision to go to Computer programming/ System analysis school. Done in I believe the early nineteen eighties. My Student loans have lasted longer then the learned knowledge and any prospects. Of a career in either!

    • IF I was one of these Kristian Konservative Republicans, I would tell you that you chose to take those student loans and should figure out some way to pay them back. And not only that – you should get down on your hands and knees and thank GOD you have those loans. <<>>>

      But since I am not a KKR – I will tell you that I know what you’re dealing with because I have family members and friends in the same boat.

      What these Republicans don’t understand is that what we were told back in the 1980’s was a big bunch of lies – told by the Master Liar himself – Ronald Reagan.

      Not much good has ever come out of the Decade of Greed – the 1980’s – has it?

      When I walk through Walmart – I notice the average Walmart employee. These folks are not smiling – they’re not happy people. These folks usually are overweight, can barely keep walking and they are not young college kids working at Walmart for their gas/pocket change money.

      These workers are grown adults – with kids and grandkids to raise.

      Sad to say – our love for corporatization in our country is NOT a good thing – and I know every single Republican believes otherwise.

      BUT this is not the free market, capitalism that I grew up believing to be what made America great.

      When I was growing up – we had many independent stores – the Mom and Pop stores.

      What we have today is nothing more than corporatized socialism – and then to make things even worse – the Supreme Court gave corporations the rights of a person?

      I’d like to see the woman’s womb that corporations came from….

      Doesn’t the Bible tell us that God knows us before we were formed in the womb?

      If this is true – then did God know any corporation before it was formed in the womb? And where exactly is the corporation’s soul located???

      • RD – My husband was in the corporate world of health care. We were told back in the 1980’s that he needed to climb the corporate ladder to get to where we wanted to be in our retirement years.

        OK – we did that. We allowed ourselves to be transferred from one long-term care facility to the next in order to fix it up, make it profitable and then move on to the next challenging facility.

        We followed this path for 14 years – our kids were moved from state to state and then when we hit the mid 1990’s – all holy hell broke loose.

        The corporation we were with decided to sell, so we were sold to the new corporation – only to be sold to yet another corporation.

        The final straw was when the same facility was sold one day, then the second corporation owned this facility for one day and sold it to a third corporation. The third corporation was absolutely the worst. This was the corporation that had all the Medicare/Medicaid money sent directly to corporate headquarters in Texas. These folks were supposed to pay all the local bills like the food bill, electric, water, phone, gas and payroll.

        Well guess what…..a lot of those bills were not being paid – which my husband found out when the food company refused to deliver the food unless there was a certified check waiting for the driver. Same story for the electricity, gas, water and phone bills. The payroll was kept up but there were numerous times when people’s checks were shorted due to clerical errors (?).

        The entire thing was just a mess……..

        My husband finally quit that job within a few months.

        What the kicker was – my husband got three W-2’s for that job that year – one from each of the corporations that owned this facility.

        Three W-2’s and he never left the damn chair!!!!!

        That was about 20 years ago – and the last thing we heard, that third corporation is still in business today – of course, they have changed their name several times – but the same damn crooks are still there – and raking in all that Medicare and Medicaid money right off the top…

        I’m not saying all corporations are bad – but the good ones are few and far between – and that’s what is wrong with our country today – IMHO

        And I don’t hear one single presidential candidate talk about this issue..

  4. I’m going to warn everyone that this link goes to a site that Glenn Beck is connected with. There isn’t anything about this piece that seems to be connected to Beck and I learned from it. Anyone looking for an explanation to Trump’s popularity should at least consider this link.…/dear-trump-fan-so-you-want…/#

    • I think Trump’s popularity is due to one thing – we have all been conditioned and dumbed down to the point where even The Jerry Springer Show looks like a formal political debate.

      This is where we are folks – at that middle school level mindset of – just how stupid can we get….