Monday, 2/15/16, Public Square



by | February 15, 2016 · 11:10 am

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    • Ted Cruz is a thousand times worse than Donald Trump for our country!

      • I am still waiting for Republicans to harass Ted Cruz about his birth place. After all, he was born in Canada and his father (yes, this preacher man) is a native-born Cuban.

        Why does Ted Cruz get a free pass when these same folks harassed Obama for years???

      • I still think Cruz is a reincarnation of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Remember how much damage that man did until people started to stand up to the bully?

    • Does anyone else find it ironic these Republicans claim to all about following the Constitution but yet Mitch McConnell and fellow Republicans are bragging that they will block Obama’s nomination – even when Obama has not even named a nominee.

      If you listen to the GOP presidential candidates – they will prattle on and on about how the Constitution needs to be followed. And how they hate the dirty politics of our current political system.

      And then they pull this crappola?

      I don’t get it – they can always vote against the nominee – but at least have an up or down vote. Isn’t that what Turtle Man and his fellow “Repukes keeping yammering about?

      • The Republicans’ handling of the Supreme Court vacancy shows that when given the opportunity to create even one job they won’t do it. — Andy Borowitz