Saturday, 2/13/16, Public Square



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  1. When I pass by these Mega Churches – aka tax-free corporate country clubs – I always look around their parking lots. It’s very interesting what a parking lot can tell you about the folks inside.

    I don’t see very many older used cars. I see a lot of new, shiny and expensive cars.

    If I am passing by when these folks are coming out of the building – I notice how they are all dressed. Again, none look like they have missed too many meals and their clothes are very nice looking.

    I wonder what these folks would do if a bus of homeless people were brought to their church to attend the morning service?

    Would those folks be welcomed or would these folks being shuffled off to somewhere non-conspicuous where they would not be a bother?

    Jesus lived and walked amongst the outcasts of society. Jesus lost his temper only one time – and that was when he ran the money changers out of the Temple. So, I don’t think Jesus cared much for those who make their money off the church.

    Or maybe that’s just my interpretation?

    • My DIL came up with a good idea.

      Let’s start to tax these churches. Since there are some churches that are good sources of community help and are doing what the teachings of Jesus tells them to do – let’s start the taxes being assessed after the first $250,000 of annual income.

      The fist $250,000 is tax free (that should exclude all the smaller churches) and will allow them to continue their work.

      I suspect that $250,000 mark would be met in a few weeks/months at these Mega Corporate Churches.

      Those brand new huge buildings are not cheap to build – or to maintain.

      Hey – sounds like a good plan to me.


    When I heard the news about Supreme Court Justice Scalia, my thoughts were all over the place.

    But now since I’ve had some time to think about it – I remembered the time in 2003 when Televangelist Pat Robertson urged his followers to pray for God to remove three Supreme Court justices.

    Or maybe Lady Karma is just giving the Republicans a good kick in their collective butts by getting rid of Scalia in February when Obama is still president.

    Many on the national blogs are calling for the Republicans to throw up obstacles and deny Obama his choice for the SCOTUS.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it’s the president’s Constitutional duty to nominate Supreme Court Justices and isn’t waiting a full year until a possible Republican president to appoint their choice NOT following the Constitution?

    Just asking……where is 6176 on this issue…

    Is there a time limit as to having a fully staffed Supreme Court in session because their year starts in early October and the election is not until November with the possible Republican president to be sworn in until late January 2017. How long can the Supreme Court be short one justice?

    • I like that karma thinking! Yep! Obviously God answered prayers and wants President Obama to appoint at least one more Justice to the Supreme Court! 🙂

      • Asher Bob White

        I love both your observation and this opportunity: A real test for our politics. I don’t expect it to work-out favorably for the public.

  3. Of course we’ve all read by now that Mitch McConnell voted to confirm a Justice to the Supreme Court in Reagan’s final year. And, if any of the SCOTUS decisions might have been 5 to 4 votes including a Scalia vote they would now be 4 to 4 ties and that leaves the lower court ruling standing. Conservatives were hoping many of the cases before the court would overturn the lower court rulings. So, when they finish throwing their childish hissy fits maybe they’ll realize exactly what they’re doing and reconsider.

    Or not. But they’re not at all happy with those lower court decisions.

    I read someone suggest that if President Obama should not fulfill the full duties of his office for his full term then neither should Senators up for reelection be allowed a vote in the confirmation of a SCOTUS nomination. After all this could easily be their final year in office too.

    • I seriously doubt if these Republicans can see past their spited cut-off noses to see the big picture of what this really means for their Conservative Activist SCOTUS.

      What galls me is when these folks like Ted Cruz spew this nonsense about how Liberals are the activist judges and their Conservatives are the only ones worthy of being on the Court.

      But I know people like Ted Cruz and fellow Kristians must think the people are very stupid – or they hope we are that stupid?

      As for Reagan doing it – that’s okay because he is the Golden Idol of the GOP – Ronnie even thought selling weapons to our sworn enemy Iran through the Iran Contra Scandal was a good idea. What is really stupid is how these current day Republicans still continue to worship at Reagan’s Golden Idol feet.

      Doesn’t the Bible talk about having no other Gods before him?

  4. Here’s one (of many) articles about decisions that may be 4 to 4 ties —

    Scalia’s death flips Supreme Court dynamics, hurts conservative hopes


    Read this article – it states that Scalia was pronounced dead over the phone – and with a bad connection at that. And when asked if an autopsy would be required, the answer was NO because the sheriff confirmed there was no foul play and Scalia’s personal physician said he had a recent MRI and suffered chronic ailments.


    Maybe we need to call a Congressional investigation into this matter?

    All I know is – in my three decades of working nursing homes – the doctor had to be present and examine the body before a death could be pronounced.

    Seriously, if the doctor was busy, we simply closed the door until the doctor could get there. The doctor did not just take the word of the nursing home staff as to what happened.

    And if there is no autopsy – how can they be sure it was a heart attack?

    I would not put anything past anybody in this bitter political circus we witness every day.

    As we’ve seen from the GOP debate and Mitch McConnell – these Republicans are foaming at the mouth with delight because they plan to obstruct Obama – just because they hate him.


    Here is a list of possible Obama nominees to replace Scalia.

    The first one listed was confirmed 97-0 to his current post and even Sen. Cruz and Rubio voted to confirm this guy. And several other prominent Republicans gave him very high marks and compliments.

    So – let’s see – if Mitch McConnell and fellow Republicans continue on their decision to not obstruct Obama on his nominee for SCOTUS – will there be a huge backlash at the election polls this November?

    Of course, Republicans have already started their fundraising on this issue – no doubt.

    BTW – I heard a report that the Republicans had publicly announced their intentions to obstruct Obama a mere 20 minutes after the public announcement that Scalia was dead.

    Is this an example of what Christian Compassionate Republicans do – step over the dead body of their colleague to further their own political agenda?

    Apparently so….