Wednesday, 2/10/16, Public Square

Clinton v Sanders


by | February 10, 2016 · 12:09 pm

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  1. Asher Bob White

    Those “Right-Wing-Trolls” can easily be tolerated … “as losers.” We progressives must urge our two candidates to campaign completely with the kindness and regard for one-another that will only strengthen each and assure no opportunity to divide or discourage every-last-one-of-our-potential-voters to cast that progressive ballot.

    • Something to keep in mind is that Clinton is a trench fighter. If he was lacking he backbone to fight the Right wing. She was there and more then willing to bite back and take a limb. Sander tends to be a moralist, stand by and for what he holds most true. That is not an insult to either, it just in such a bar fight. Whom is going to be able to defend and to counter?

      • RD brings up an interesting point.

        Clinton is a political animal and is an established Washington-type and I suspect she knows where the bodies are buried …. đŸ™‚

        Sanders has been in Washington for a long time but I don’t think he has ever been one of the political animal’s BFF ?

        Sanders has been saying the same message for over 40 years – and has not changed much.

        Clinton has changed her views on some issues – and that’s not a bad thing – but Clinton is more of a politician that is not afraid to get in the ring and punch out some lights – if need be.

        But what I get from these two very different candidates is this:

        Clinton is like Obama – she believes in the system and the sausage making that is Congress passing laws. Clinton is very much about the process…..

        Sanders is more of like the town crier pointing out different issues that WE all need to debate and come to some resolution – at some given point in time. Sanders has been the thorn in so many Congress members’ butts that he is seen as protagonist.

        I like what Sanders is saying and what he has done in his career – but with the current-day Republicans – we need a she-cat with strong claws and knows how to use them wisely.

        In this case – it’s Hillary Clinton.

        But we are in very troubling times where the anti-establishment guys are getting all the attention.

        Sometimes people cut off their nose to spite their face.

  2. I’m with you Indy. Not just because I believe Hillary knows exactly how to play all the games and where the bodies are buried, but because I like what she stands for. I like that she has spent her life working for us. I don’t believe all the lies! Furthermore, if these idiots who have had her under a microscope for around 40 years can’t find anything yet that should tell everyone there isn’t anything to find.

    • I remember Hillary when Bill was running the first time – and all the hub bub Republicans were trying to make out of Hillary saying that she was not the little woman in the kitchen baking cookies – (or something to that effect).

      I also remember during this 1992 campaign, Barbara Bush was being introduced on some daytime t.v. talk show and she sat down and was asked how she felt about Hillary Clinton.

      She said something that has stuck with me throughout the years. Barbara Bush (the First Lady at that time) said she thought Hillary was a word that rhymed with ‘witch’. And Bush giggled and appeared to be very self satisfied at the childish behavior she just displayed.

      The crowd laughed and applauded.

      Can you imagine if First Lady Michelle Obama had said this on national t.v. talk show about the wives of Trump, Cruz, Jeb Bush or any other Republican woman.

      But that type of childish behavior is what I witnessed too many times to count when I was in that Fundamental Baptist Church and that College.

      These folks knew the art of how to give a person a back-handed compliment also. They could not just be content to be nice to someone – these folks had this down to a science on how to say something nice but then turn it around to be a complete and hate-filled put down.

      We’ve all seen this behavior trait before.

      BTW – Barbara Bush may have a lot of people fooled into thinking she was such a nice lady and a wonderful First Lady – but she doesn’t have me in her corner.

      I put Barbara Bush into the same category as Nancy Reagan. Both were not as their public persona made them out to be – IMHO

    • Speaking of Witch Hunts – who were the people most involved in those witch hunts?

      The Loud-N-Proud Christians – you know those folks, they’re the morally superior ones and only they are going to Heaven.

      Hmmm….interesting to think about this fact when Hillary is being accused by the likes of Ted Cruz and his fellow Kristians.


    I did not have the exact wording correct about Hillary’s quote about baking cookies.

    Which brings me to another point that I find so laughable.

    Republicans demonize Hillary for not divorcing Bill Clinton when the truth came out about him and Monica Lewinski. These folks are now saying that she should have left him because he was an adulterer.

    But yet look at the numerous Republican elected officials that were caught red handed with their pants down and their wives were nowhere in the room – and the majority of their wives chose to stand by their man and their minions cheered and applauded. The Kristians even praised these women for not giving up on their marriages.


    This is a part of what I was trying to explain before – these folks have such a way of twisting things around when it suits them.

    I guess being an adulterous horn dog is okay if he is a Republican??

    I just don’t understand these people – not to say I don’t know what they’re doing.

    I just don’t understand how these people can still claim to be such damn fine Christians