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  1. The last Republican President that balanced the budget was Eisenhower.

    Check out those tax rates under Eisenhower.
    Check out his support of workers’ right to unionize.
    Check out his Farewell Speech in which he warned us against giving the Military Industrial Complex too much power and too much money.

    And this was from a decorate WWII General – that knew up close and personal what going to war is really about.

    The current Republican Party has worshipped their Golden Idol Ronald Reagan for his imaginary patriotism but Reagan was also the sitting US president that thought it was a good idea to sell war weapons to our sworn enemy Iran through the Iran Contra Deal.

    Call me naïve – but isn’t selling weapons to our sworn enemy an act of treason?

    Republicans used to stand for something – now they are all about money, power and that damn quest for world domination – and if they have to threaten hell and damnation with Jesus throwing you into the bowels of Hell – then so be it.

    These current day Republicans are KRAZEE

  2. So….did you watch the GOP debate last night?

    I did have to laugh when in his closing statement, Trump got that shot at Ted Cruz bragging about winning Iowa due to ‘he got Ben Carson’s votes’.

    Of course, Jeb Bush has to remind everyone that it was Ronald Reagan’s birthday and he would be 105 yrs old.

    DAMN…..will these Republicans eer be able to acknowledge how much damage Ronnie Raygun did?

    The part that infuriated me was when all of these Republicans went on and on about how Obama has gutted the military and hos Obama has mistreated the returning veterans.

    EXCUSE me but wasn’t these Republicans that voted against the funding for Veterans right before they sprinted to the nearest group of veterans for their precious photo-op?

    DAMN……then the question of requiring women to sign up for selective service was asked.

    We got a lot of song and dance about how great women are and they should be given the chance to serve in the military if that is their choice. But none of them actually answered the question of MANDATING women to sign up for selective service like the men have had to do for decades.

    What part of ‘making their choice to go into military’ not understood? If it is a law for women to sign up – then that is not their choice.


    Then, of course, Marco Rubio was shouting about how these poor Christians are being persecuted while Obama goes to visit a mosque and never harasses the Muslims.

    Again ….DAMN….

    Are these people living on the same planet as I am????

    Last, but not least, Trump was booed several times during the debate. Of course, Trump had the perfect explanation for that reaction. Trump said that the tickets to the debate audience were given out by the RNC to only the big donors and special people. And since his campaign does have any big donors or corporate donors – when he asked for tickets, he was told there was none left.

    SO – if that is true – then I don’t blame Trump for pointing this out.

    DAMN…..maybe the Republicans in Congress will form a committee to investigate these charges that Trump has made against the RNC?

    Aw….what am I talking about….there is no honor amongst thieves…

    • I missed a point about that funding for the veterans.

      One of these buffoons on stage did say this – but not very prominently – that the military budget was cut due to the sequester cuts.

      Hmmmm….like I said before, wasn’t it the Republicans that forced these Sequester budget cuts because they were having their hissy fits?

      And if I recall – these same Republicans continued to vote against veterans every time any funding bill came up – just like they voted to decrease the safety funding for the Benghazi site.

      Hmmm….wasn’t it Benghazi that these Republicans hold up for their shiny example of how incompetent Obama and Hillary are?

      Hmmmm…….but these Republicans never mention the fact that their boy General Petraeus admitted in court that he gave his mistress several folders of classified information. This mistress was also the one that told a group of people that Benghazi was the site of a secret CIA operation.

      Hmmm….do you think possibly that if the mistress knew about that secret CIA operation – who else knew about it and that is the real reason for the attack that day?

      And yet….not a single Republican has the honesty and integrity to tell the WHIOLE story… they?

  3. I’ve been seeing a recent trend among the comments on the national blog I follow

    Trump is Hitler

    Okay – let’s go with that.

    I suspect Ted Cruz is the reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy.

    DAMN……a combination of Hitler and McCarthy on the GOP ticket. What could possibly go wrong??

    • I just thought of something – it was reported that Daddy Koch admired Mussolini. Maybe that is why so many Republicans are attracted and mesmerized by Trump and Cruz?

      Maybe Republicans just like bullies??

  4. Come One – Come All….

    Today is another day in the political circus we call the GOP 2016 presidential primary.

    New Hampshire Is in the center ring today. I wonder which GOP elephant will come away with the coveted beauty queen crown?

    Will it be the CEO of the Beauty Pageant World?

    Or will the son of an evangelist ‘steal’ the election again – as was stated he did last week in Iowa?

    Or will any of the other lower poll-rated candidates start to come up to the coveted spot where they will be catapulted into the GOP stardom?

    This is only the beginning of this long political ride – and I am already sick of it. Am I the only one that feels this way?

    BTW – Last week I heard the 2016 political campaigning will reach the Billion dollar mark. And this is just for the campaigning to be elected to a job that pays around $200,000?

    What is the current pay for the US president now?

    Can you imagine what this country could do with an extra billion dollars? Imagine how much good that could do – how many schools and roads could be repaired?

    How many Americans could have a family-wage job so the couple could choose to have the mother stay at home with the kids – if she wanted to do that.

    Our priorities have been off track for several decades. I don’t care what God you believe in – or if you don’t believe in God – it does not matter. We are all Americans and we should all be MAD as HELL that so much money is beign wasted on these silly campaigns.