Thursday, 2/4/16, Public Square

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by | February 3, 2016 · 7:15 pm

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  1. Well… This morning as I was driving something on the news caught my ear. It seems that Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel peace Prize!
    As you might guess, it brought to mind an old saying from many years ago…
    “Money talk and Bullshit walks!”. I mean if Mr. Trump had done something that would have warranted such an honor. Don’t you think that you would have heard of it by now?

    • Hell – Trump is giving a good try at buying the White House – why not try to buy the Nobel Peace Prize?

      I’ve said it many times – has the world gone completely nuts or is it just Americans?

  2. Please note from the graphic header today – selling of national parks – maybe this is what these Bundy Boys and their armed protests is really about?

    These folks don’t give a fat rat’s ass about their alleged argument that the land belongs to the people.

    Maybe these armed militia protesters are being encouraged and supported by the likes of Koch Brothers and others who want all the public lands to be taken away from the government so that these corporations can rape and pillage the lands – and then leave them polluted for future generations?

  3. As for ending Medicare – the majority of hospitals and doctors do not want the Medicare to be stopped. That is the bread and butter of the health care system.

    Medicare pays much better than these for-profit health insurance companies.

    The next time you’re out driving – look around at how many new buildings are going up for the older generation?

    It was reported a few weeks ago the fastest growing population is 100 yrs and plus.

    My DIL told me she heard just this week that in Kansas – the 80 yrs and plus group will be the majority by the year 2020 – that is only 4 years away.

    How can a country survive when the majority is of the age group that are not the working people and then we have more and more working poor people who qualify for Medicaid because our corporations are too busy making record breaking profits by outsourcing all the high-paying jobs.

    Republicans love to talk a good game – but when it comes to actual governing – we’ve seen their disastrous results. Reagan started this current Trickle Down Economics hell hole we’re currently in – and that is only one negative impact that Buffoon has had on our beloved country.

  4. GSTIR

    Who’s the bigger liar : Trump or Brownbackward?

    • I’m thinking that might be a tie. Oh, I like that ‘brownbackward.’

    • To arrive at that assessment – one must narrow the criteria even further:

      Who’s the biggest RELIGIOUS liar?

      Brownbackward – hand’s down

      While I am no fan of Trump – at least Trump doesn’t put on his Jesus cap while he preaches down to us heathens….

      What I found truly interesting is that Jerry Falwell Jr came out and endorsed Trump over Cruz.

      Isn’t that very telling????

      • Oh – I’ve said this before.

        Trump started out an the issue of illegal immigration – which I totally agree with him that it is a big problem that needs fixed.

        BUT – I have never heard Trump go after these corporations who are knowingly hiring these illegal immigrants.

        When Trump goes after his own kind – the Corporate CEOs – and I see some of them prosecuted and sent to prison – that is the day I will believe one word Trump says.

  5. Another issue I’ve yet to hear any of these Republicans raise:

    Republicans profess to hate socialism – correct?

    Then why is the city in the business of being property owners in buildings that were built with public money? There are a lot of these places around Wichita.

    I’m talking about those huge retirement complexes being built with public money but yet these same places do not take in lower income people. The folks who move into these places have to ‘buy in’ at a whopping price of $250,000 and then continue to pay monthly rent and expenses.,

    SO – we’re not talking about public money being used to help lower income people to find affordable housing.

    I don’t know about you – but I could not come up with $250,000 cash – …

    • Well … one of us could drive the getaway car while the other was getting that cash. It just might get us a place to live.

      • Thanks for the laugh… dear blog friend.

        Sad part is – that would be the only way for me to come up with that kind of money – cash or otherwise..

      • Another sad fact is – the Wall Street Fat Cats that caused the 2008 economic crash took more than $250,000 and yet not a one of them have been charged – let alone prosecuted.

        Hell – they got bonus checks……

        But yet – you and I would get the maximum sentence and experience first hand what this new t.v. show is all about – orange Is the new black.

        I hear tell that’s a show about prison??