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  1. And the sad part is – this man would do all these things while proudly stating that he is a true Christian.

    What part of the Bible talks about Jesus charging to heal the sick?

    And to think – Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead – can you imagine these Kristian Konservative Republicans foaming at the mouth at the prospect of making millions off that particular patent?

    There is no reason in a country as blessed as America that we have so many folks who are living from paycheck to paycheck.

    It still makes me angry to know there are people needing health care and their medications and cannot pay the high prices (and that is if they even have health insurance with prescription card) but yet We the Taxpayers can pay for Viagra for these men on Medicare?

    I’ve worked for a pharmacy that specialized in long-term care patients – ie Medicare covered patients – and the stuff I processed through my desk was unbelievable.

    Whenever a new resident would be admitted to any long- term care facility – it did not take very long until they had 3 to 5 pages of meds that were filled every month – like clockwork.

    And who paid for most of those drugs? George W. Bush pushed that particular Medicare Drug Program through and he pushed it through with NO funding and to make matters worse, Republicans voted to NOT allow the government to negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies.

    I don’t begrudge helping any American with their health care or medications – but when I know that a lot of these prescribed medications are nothing more than ‘padding the pockets’ of these pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies – that makes me angry. Especially when Viagra is not exactly a life-saving drug – is it?

    And don’t even get me started on the Pro Life Republicans – for all their screaming about family values – the only time they care about a baby is when it is still in the womb. Once that baby is born – it’s on it’s own.

    With every passing election – I am convinced the Republican Party has sunk to a new low – and this election, I hope and pray we have reached the bottom of their cesspool.

    Hell – I told a couple of my Republican friends that their party should really change the name of their party to ‘The Jerry Springer Show’. That is the mindset and the level of intelligence/behavior we seem to be relishing to be in.

    What a sad, sad commentary on our country.


    Speaking of Ted Cruz….

    Notice at the very end of this article that Ted Cruz eventually told the man who dared to ask the question that his brother-in-law just did not have the money to pay for health care – and that was the problem.


    • BTW – If I remember correctly, it was the same Ted Cruz that said he had to sign him and his family up for health insurance through Obamacare because his wife took a leave of absence from her career job at Goldman Sachs to help with his campaign.

      SO…..Ted Cruz hates Obamacare but he is using this evil federal program?

      And – why didn’t he just sign up for the health care plan that the Senate offers? IIRC – Senators and House Representiaves do not have to use Obamacare – just the federal workers do.

      Even with that – his lovely wife could pay the COBRA payments and keep her health insurance through her career job employer – Goldman Sachs.

      Perhaps TEd and his wife should have budgeted for their health insurance needs better?

      • I think U. S. Senators and Representatives shop for their insurance, just like all Americans, and are given a generous subsidy to buy what they choose. After all, Obamacare is a product it’s a reform. It impacts every insurance policy sold by offering all the patient protections —

        covers pre-existing conditions
        can’t be cancelled just because you get sick and expensive
        your children through age 26 can stay on your policy
        no annual or lifetime caps on coverage

        If we all had the generous federal government help the U.S. congress critters get it would be a wonderful world. I do believe those congress critters buy their insurance in the states where they were elected and are supposed to represent. What is offered from state to state varies. Some states have strict laws that don’t attract as many insurance companies because the junkier policies simply don’t pass muster. Kansas is one of those states. Kathleen Sibelius, in her role as Insurance Commissioner, made Kansas a state with some of the better laws that mean insurance is a better product for Kansans. Then the ACA made it even better!


        I found this website and note it was first posted in 2009 and updated in 2012.

        I did not know the Senate and House members (not their families) could receive free health care at the Washington DC military hospitals.

        And the benefit of paying a yearly fee in order to see the Capitol’s Doctor seems a nice added benefit.

        As you said – it appears the taxpayers are paying a large subsidy for these Senators and House members’ health are insurance – up to 72% and 75% in some cases.

        One thing we have not talked about is this: The vast majority of these Senators and House members are millionaires/multi-millionaires who can easily afford to pay their entire health insurance premium if they had to.

        That is what I think about Ted Cruz and his wife’s job – she could have paid the COBRA payment and kept the family’s health insurance while she is working on his campaign.

        I mean, after all, the woman was a career employee at Goldman Sachs and a pretty high-ranking employee. I doubt very much if she was their receptionist.



    Another death due to cancer – it seems this has been the #1 cause of death in the past few weeks of celebrities dying.

    David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Celine Deione’s husband and brother – just to name a few.

    I heard this morning that $5 billion is expected to be spent on the 2016 campaign. What a waste of money – IMHO.

    I can think of so many different ways to spend $5 billion – can’t you?

  4. Asher Bob White

    Sen. Ted Cruz is a more authentic version of today’s immoral Republican Political Party. He has lots of company all across this nation, unfortunately.

    • I suspect Ted Cruz is the reincarnation of Sen. Joseph McCarthy – remember that guy from our American History?

      BTW – do some factual research on how Ronald Reagan (the Hollywood actor) helped McCarthy in rounding up all those evil Communists.

      Which makes one wonder why Reagan thought it was okay to sell war weapons to our sworn enemy Iran through that Iran Contra Deal – if Reagan was such a damn Patriotic American?

  5. Well folks – here we are on the day of the Iowa Caucuses.

    I heard a news report last week that they expect 20 percent of the eligible voters to actually participate in the caucuses.

    That figure is 120,000 people.

    I heard this morning on the news that $5 million has been spent on media advertising – and that does not include all the others costs associated with running a campaign – venue/event space rentals, food, housing, and payroll for the campaign staff.

    But what I find so frustrating is that this all important 24/7 coverage of how important Iowa Caucus is – it really just comes down to only 120,000 are expected to actually vote for our potential president of the USA.

    The real story should be that we have a very low turnout of voters.

    Our country is facing some very serious problems and issues – and yet the first test of our presidential candidates is left to the hands of 120,000 people?

    Are the average Americans too busy to vote – or have reached the point to where they have given up on the idea that their vote really counts – or will it lead to some real progress on governing our country?

    I’ve been after my grown son to go vote this year and he has made a valid point when he says – neither side really does as they say they will do.

    And with the Republican’s incessant and constant rerunning of their version of ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ – I tend to agree with my son.

    Bottom line for – as I told my son – I vote for the person that will do me the least harm – and they don’t tell me that God has told them to run for office.

    Excuse me – but if they truly believe that God has chosen them to be the President – then I want to see that memo from God himself before I’ll believe it.

  6. This year I’m going with Hillary. I hope she is the Democratic nominee and I will happily vote for her. I honestly think she is the best person for the job. It feels good to say this! I felt this same way in 2004 when I gladly voted for President Obama.

    Don’t get my wrong because I am not one of those people who won’t vote if my preferred candidate isn’t the nominee! I will vote for Senator Sanders if he is nominated. All the republican wannabees has already promised to end Social Security, Medicare, social safety nets, women’s rights… And, I always keep SCOTUS appointments in mind.

    The republicans have done a great deal of damage to our country and they can do much more if elected this fall.

    • I do believe Hillary will win the nomination but I do hope Bernie Sanders has accumulated some power in to sway Hillary to take a tougher stance on the Wall Street Fat Cats.

      I’ve noticed a lot of Republicans keep saying that Hillary is a liar.

      I guess they missed the day their boy George W. Bush told us that Americans would not have to pay one penny of tax dollars to pay for his Iraq War because the sale of the Iraqi oil would pay for everything.

      As Dr. Phil says ….how’s that working for ya?

      I think Bob makes a valid point – today’s Republicans are truly immoral people. It used to be when Republicans were not this mean-spirited or hate filled because they lost twice?

      I’ve supported Obama but I do think he had one major flaw – he truly believed these Republicans would love their country more than they hated him.

      As we’ve all seen from the past seven years – these Republicans have bragged about doing everything they could to bring down Obama – at any costs to our country.

      Well – they are following in the foot steps of their Golden Idol – Ronald Reagan.

  7. When I get really down about where our country is and where she’s headed it seems I always run across something that lifts my spirits. This did it for me today, 🙂

    To The Rescue: 300 Union Plumbers Installed Free Water Filters For Flint Residents

    • When it comes right down to it – isn’t it about people helping other people?

      Hey – isn’t that what the main message Jesus kept teaching – all that Love thy neighbor as you love yourself or maybe how we should be our brother’s keeper?

      When I look at our country today and compare it to my childhood years – the most glaring difference is that people today don’t seem to really care about anybody else – unless, of course, that person can help them and then it’s called ‘networking’.

      I truly believe a lot of these Mega Christian Churches are nothing more than a bunch of people who are ‘networking’ either for financial gain or to be a part of the exclusive club and be told they are better than that ‘guy over there’.

      Eisenhower was the last Republican president that actually balanced the budget. Eisenhower also supported the workers right to unionize. Eisenhower also warned us against the dangers of giving the Military Industrial Complex too much power and too much money.

      Hell – even for gun control – when I was being raised (50’s to 60’s) – this debate about gun control was not heard of – and yet 99% of the households in my hometown had at least one gun in the house. We didn’t hear of any mass shootings at elementary schools, workplace or movies as seems to be so common nowadays.

      People back in those good ol’ days(?) were different – we had respect for ourselves, others and real respect for the power of the guns. Guns was not a fashion accessory to be worn strapped across your fat beer gut while you did your shopping at the local store.

      Things changed for me around 1976 when my Fundy Baptist preacher man got the entire church to turn their backs on me because I dared to fall in love with a young Baptist preacher at a small church. We became engaged and my Fundy Baptist preacher knew I was leaving – but he started on this campaign of painting me as the wicked one who was marrying the Devil himself to start a feud I still believe this man started all that hatred and hurt feelings because he knew I was leaving his church – but the possibility of my parents and all their beautiful money – might just follow me to my husband’s church.

      It was all about the money – IMHO. That was the moment in history that I totally lost faith in organized religion.

      I did not lose my spiritual faith in God – but my version of God also changed. God to me is an energy of life force. God is not some Supreme Being sitting on a Golden Throne in Heaven just waiting to throw those thunderbolts down on us sinners if we dare to cross some imaginary line.

      I see God in a lot of places today – like those union plumbers installing the free water filters; Can you imagine most money-hungry capitalist doing something that could make money but yet choosing to not charge?

      I also believe that Ronald Reagan ushered in this era of Greed that every message being broadcasted 24/7 was that Money is good and it was okay to whatever you had to do to get it.

      Perhaps this is how Reagan justified his Iran Contra deal where he sold war weapons to our sworn enemy Iran in the mid 1980’s?

      He made a killing off that deal – didn’t he.

      Bottom line – I feel that life should be a balance. In today’s America – corporations, banks and the 1% elites have most of the power. The rest of the 99% are simply here to foot the bill and be the lemmings when it comes to elections.

      Maybe the Republicans should do some soul searching and decide to follow in the footsteps of Eisenhower and stop this worshipping of Ronald Reagan?

      We need to restore some sense of balance to our country. The wealthy and powerful 1% cannot sustain themselves if the 99% keep on dying from lack of work, money, health care, food, housing and education.

      I wonder if these 1% will ever get the message?



    Posted this for a few laughs today……..don’t we all need laughter before the next political theatre in New Hampshire?