Friday, 1/29/16, Public Square



by | January 29, 2016 · 9:37 am

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  1. Today is the anniversary of the date Kansas was admitted to the Union — January 29,1861.

  2. Asher Bob White

    So far …… two examples of what my mom used to refer to as “cutting of your nose to spite your face.” Ever hear that?

  3. There are times I wonder if I was adopted into this family. When I talk to the more radical elements of the Conservative side. I hope you do not minded. But I get amnion from here at times. Reposting some of the headers Is one of the best!

  4. This is a one-page, large-type, opinion piece — short and to the point. Worth the time spent reading!

  5. Might I add something to today’s header graphic?

    These Republicans did more than just hope Obama would fail – they actively WORKED to make their president fail.

    I still remember Mitch McConnell smirking with glee as he proudly stated that the #1 job of every Republican was to bring down Obama.


  6. Can we hope that Kobach might be put in his place? That disenfranchising voters in Kansas may not happen as easily?

    Civil rights panel weighing testimony on Kansas voting laws