Wednesday,1/20/16, Public Square

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by | January 27, 2016 · 10:16 am

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  1. Even the numbers above aren’t taking into consideration such facts as the over 65 that are full time employed and are double counted, the disabled figure only includes those ages 18-64 who aren’t working… Take the numbers in the meme above as estimates that are MUCH closer than any numbers Ted Cruz uses!

    No one is calling these idiots out! The republican voters are listening to lies, falling for lies, and voting against their own best interests.

    • I truly believe Republicans don’t care about facts and they don’t care if they are voting against their own best interests.

      It is all about this: They have lost the last two presidential elections – and to that black man with the funny sounding name – and that is the ONLY thing these folks think about.

      They want to WIN – regardless of what their choice does to this country.

      Trump now appears to be unstoppable and the most likely to win the GOP nomination. And how many times have we heard how great Trump is because he is a billionaire and does not care about being politically correct.

      I think Republicans are intentionally picking the biggest Bully they can find in the playground – and that appears to be Donald Trump.

      What else would explain why Family Values Kristians and Immigrant-hating Republicans support a man who is on his third wife. BTW – that third and current wife is an immigrant herself – from Slovenia – that speaks with heavily accented English.

      Any other political year – Trump would have been laughed off the stage.

      But today – money talks and B.S. walks????

      • Here’s a snippet as to how this year’s campaign is affecting me:

        Rand Paul was being interviewed on Public Television last week. I found myself thinking that Rand Paul sounded like a moderate and sane voice of reason.

        Compared to the others in that GOP circus tent – Rand Paul is the most sane one.

        And that is scary…..

      • There is always the religious zealots to be courted too. I mean the main stream going to Church twice a week one. They may listen to Family Values. But when the candidate is flying in the face of the Bible thumpers. Their hypocrisy does know some bounds. LOL especially when they talk to me and I hit them with facts and reality. Then suddenly they scratch their heads and admit that they are wrong! Yes there are some circles I am no longer welcome in. And some of the in-laws are not too welcoming at first when I walk in. But I guess some of my other traits do win them over after a bit.

  2. Asher Bob White

    Perfect example of the fact that “ads” are only propaganda. If journalism were still a profession, publishers would both acknowledge and regulate their media. Today, publishing is nothing but a for-profit-business, more ads than anything else, and even the stories are biased.

    • And even what is covered now as ‘news’ is nothing more than celebrity worship and/or how many millions can I make off selling this particular piece of foreign-made crap.