Tuesday, 1/12/16, Public Square

gop uses fear


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  1. I wonder how many of those same 1% are making profits off the misery of others?

  2. Here are some of my favorite lines from President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight —

    There were others. It was a very speech. I am proud of President Obama!

    • I agree – this president has been undermined from Day One by Republicans and he still managed to get a lot accomplished.

      And on top of that – he is a good man. In fact, Obama, wife and family are the perfect picture of what these so-called Kristians preach about – a long-time marriage – first for both of them – and two kids who are educated, well mannered and the family truly loves being a family. Hell -this man has his mother-in-law living with him for years and he still smiles!

      This man’s family is what most of these Kristians can only dream about – because their own personal lives are one big fat mess..

      I loved it when President Obama summed it up into – our politics should not define who we are and what we can accomplish.

      He then called for civility. And then to think that Gov Nicki Haley from South Carolina called for tolerance of immigrants in her GOP response speech.

      But – according to what I’ve been reading on the national blogs – Obama and now Haley are both getting lambasted for their speeches.

      It seems Gov Haley is now a traitor.

      Hmmm……traitor is a word that should be reserved for a sitting US president that thought selling war weapons to our sworn enemy Iran through the Iran Contra Deal was a good thing. Wait a minute – aren’t the Iranians those evil Muslims we say we hate today????

      And yet Ronald Reagan is continued to be worshiped by these Republicans that call Gov Haley a traitor.

      Unfrickin’ believable..

      • What makes me the most sad – and the most angry – is the fact that were given a chance to use Obama’s ability to connect with people and his background of being in both the Christian and Muslim and the Black and White world.

        Just imagine all the things that we could have worked on to resolve – homelessness, hunger, unemployment/underemployment, racial tensions just to name a few.

        And why weren’t we smart enough to know this new president – Barack Obama – had a unique ability and unique personal background that could have helped immensely?

        I suspect it is because we have too many folks who truly love their politics – which is why it was widely reported that prominent Republicans met in a fancy restaurant the night of Obama’s first inauguration to plot as to how they can bring Obama down – at any costs.

        And then – Mitch McConnell even boasted that Republicans #1 goal was to bring Obama down.

        NO – their #1 goal should have been to work on fixing our problems.

        But was Mitch McConnell punished or shunned for boasting the Republicans true agenda? Oh HELL NO….he was rewarded with another reelection to another 6 years and then Fox News and Hate Talk Radio really sped up the incessant 24/7 Obama Hatred Train.

        And when it wasn’t Fox News or Hate Talk Radio – it was these so-called Kristian Mega Church preacher boys and televangelists continuing to beat the damn drum of Obama Hatred.

        I truly think our country has been so desensitized to such rude and hate-filled behavior – that we no longer even look up.

        Which is why Trump is leading in the GOP polls?

        I keep coming back to what these Kristian Republicans keep yammering about – freedom of religion. OKAY – then let’s go with that.

        I read the Bible and the Ten Commandments tell me to not lie, not cheat and to not steal. Also – to not covet my neighbor’s wife and possessions.

        Hmm…and what do these Kristian Republicans push the most? Not to be homosexual. Hmmm…..excuse me if I’m wrong, but which of the Top Ten talks about homosexuality?

        But there is no mistaken about the commandment that says not to tell lies.

        Hmmmm….telling lies about your president to incite such hate-filled venom spewing from so many mouths – isn’t that what God was saying NOT to do?

        Just asking….

      • BTW – I listened to a panelist last night talking about how Obama was to blame for not reaching out to the Republicans to make things more civil.


        How do you reason with a venomous snake that bites your hand every time you try to approach?

        And why the Hell should Obama be the one to blame for all their CRAP???

        Just like a bunch of Kristians – they can call you every name in the book and try to ruin your life – but then it is YOUR fault because you dared to question these Kristians about anything.

  3. Serious question – what do you think President Obama will do once he leaves the White House?

    He is still a young man…and he still has that ability to accomplish big things.

    I can see Obama following in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter – helping real people with real needs.

    I also suspect Michelle Obama will not be silent once she leaves the White House and is no longer restrained.

    Go get ’em Michelle…….

    One more thing about our First Lady – she has been such a tremendous asset to our country. She is poised, confident, strong, intelligent and she will not back down from anyone.

    And then to know there are Republicans who continue to ridicule her for trying to get our school lunches to offer healthy foods.

    How dare she….who the hell does she think she is?

    We all know that true American Patriots all eat a big side of Ketchup as their vegetable for the meals.

    After all – that was what Ronald Reagan tried to do – classify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches.

    And to think – these Michelle Obama Haters continue to worship Reagan – the doofus that must have thought ketchup was a tasty side dish of vegetables.