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  1. I am always saying thank you …. I hope you do not mind that I have reposted some of the headers to my blog. I have so many right wingers in the family that I just can not help sticking it to them.

    • Serious question RD – do your RW family members ever listen to your point of view?

      I have some RW family members and friends – some will listen and think about what I’ve said.

      Others are so busy thinking of a clever one-liner comeback to what I just said that they are not listening to me at all. When I’ve asked them what I just said – they look at me with a blank stare.

      I think it’s the fact that these folks want to be ‘winning’ and if Obama gets anything passed – then they are seen as the losers and they cannot stand that thought. It doesn’t really matter what the issue is – they don’t want to viewed as the losers.

      I think that is what is about the Obamacare – Republicans lost and they will NEVER EVER rest until Obama’s name is connected to health care in America.

      The dirty little secret is – insurance companies have made millions off Obamacare’s subsidies and do you really think these insurance companies are going to give that money up voluntarily?

      I don’t think so…

      I further think this current war within the Grand Old Party has just started to come to a peak. The Chamber of Commerce Republicans are all about money and power.

      Tea Party and Kristians are just about power at this point. The Kristians know they have their tax-free status as churches – so their money is safe. – but these folks do want more power.

      The GOP Civil War is playing out right before our eyes. Who do you predict will win the war?

      • Well I often force them to, especially when they say something that is just plain wrong or not thought out. I tend to not be shy when it comes to both the facts or my opinion. Most of the time it is more the facts, when they say something that is not based of the real facts. And/or is more fact/ opinion then real facts. I do not generally let up until they agree with me or at least I can tell from the smoke coming out of their ears that their mind is fried.

  2. Sad to say – a lot of these same Republicans really believe they are such fine morally superior Christians.

    I do wish these folks would read their Bible before they use it as their chosen weapon to thump their perceived enemy’s head.

    Where in the Bible did Jesus ever charge an exorbitant fee (or any fee?) to heal the sick?

    And GOD – Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead – can you imagine the profits in that talent?

    Any Republican would sell their very soul to Satan to be able to have that power and franchise the business. WOW – all that beautiful money.

    BTW – Jesus also fed the hungry, protected the woman prostitute from being stoned to death and Jesus even lived and worked among the outcasts of society.

    Jesus was about HOPE – what the Hell are these Republicans about? Certainly not HOPE

    • Just a thought – how many homeless, hungry and outcasts of society do you see in those Mega Corporate Churches sitting on all that prime real estate and not paying one dime in taxes?

      Just imagine what their operating budgets are for one year. No wonder these Kristians use the old tried-and-true method to keep their sheeple in line – give them a common enemy to hate – and that is OBAMA.

      First of all – he is black, what does he think he is doing in the White House?

      Second of all – he has that Muslim sounding name – and his father was a Muslim, you know. You betcha Wink-Wink

      I truly think these Krazee Kristian Konservatives (I used KKK for a reason) knowingly set out to keep this incessant hatred of Obama going on and on to the point where nothing will ever be fixed.

      I truly think these Kristians and Republicans are content with our country continuing to have serious problems but yet as long as the certain ‘right’ people still get their tax-free money and government subsidies – these folks do not give a fat rat’s ass.

      Never fear – their preachers and televangelists all pat their pointy little heads and tell them how great they are and how much their God and Jesus loves them and they are the special ones.

  3. Asher Bob White

    Just back from Key West and really missed my “blogs, newspapers and TV.” Guess I’m “really” retired.
    Anyone want to comment on how Bernie’s chances are against Hillary? I started-out with Hillary but really like what Bernie is doing and saying. Does he have a chance?

    • I love Bernie Sanders – but as a realist, I have to admit Bernie does not have much of chance to beat Hillary. But he has made Hillary do some real political two-stepping to cover all her bases.

      With that said – I suspect Hillary is too cozy with the Big Banks and Wall Street Fat Cats and I really don’t expect her to do much to rein those folks in……

      But then again, any of the Republicans running would give the entire country to those Big Banks and Wall Street Fat Cats and then turn around and then try to convince us that Jesus Christ would also support these Big Banks and Wall Street Fat Cats – as if God was giving his blessing to gorging the taxpayers – again.

      So – I look at it this way –

      If there is true justice and fairness in the world – Bernie will win the White House. But I’m not holding my breath.

      I’ve seen too many Americans who are apparently dumbed down to the point where they actually think Trump will make Mexico pay for that wall and that he can indeed simply go and take the oil away from all those evil Muslims in the Middle East just because he says so..

      • Bob – my husband’s uncle lived in Key West for years. He loved the area. He has now since passed on but we still have some pics of him with his kids.

        I’ve been to Florida but have never made it down to the Keys. We’ll have to do that when my husband retires.

    • Not if the national polls are to be believed.

      • Polls can be wrong – but I do think Bernie is not as ‘polished and charismatic’ as the average American voter expect their president to be.

        I put Bernie Sanders in the same category as Jimmy Carter. Both men are honest to a fault and their integrity is above reproach. And both men tell you exactly how they feel and how things really are…..but will Americans even listen?

        I don’t think so..

        Sad to say – our politics has devolved into a middle school most-popular election..

    • Hillary runs the chance of imploding.

      • I heard a news report yesterday that Bernie Sanders is statistically tied with Hillary in Iowa and is actually ahead of Hillary in New Hampshire in the latest polls.

        Hillary has been the presumed Democrat 2016 nominee – and that could easily change – just like in 2008.

        But I still think Bernie Sanders is not the polished-appearing candidate that it takes these days in our political arena.

        I’m afraid our elections in this country have devolved into nothing more than popularity contests in some middle school somewhere.

  4. Just curious – anybody here win the $900 million Powerball drawing tonight?

    • I doubt I will ever win the lottery. đŸ™‚ I’ve never bought a ticket…

      • Asher Bob White

        Yep!!! That is definitely the “hardest way to win!”

      • I have bought lottery tickets for my kids’ birthday presents since they grew up and got married – and that was simply because I did not know what else to get them. Plus – it’s something they would never buy for themselves.

        My kids are like me – they don’t buy any lottery tickets either.

        NOW my father and sister – they are loyal weekly lottery ticket buyers. They have won some smaller jackpots – but nothing like this $900 million.

        And to think – the next jackpot is expected to be $1.3 billion or more??

        Is this just an American thing???

      • No, Indy, it’s not. I am given to understand that our British cousins quite enjoy the lotteries, among other forms of gambling, and additionally, there are European lotteries that are very well played and occasionally have jackpots that grow to healthy size.

        IMHO, it’s a human thing, spurred on over the past 40 years by the growth in income inequality, combined with the explosive growth of technology in the workplace narrowing the number of opportunities to “get ahead”. My 20 mills.

    • 6176 – you’re right – lotteries are not just an American thing. But I’ve heard people say that when the jackpot is small (right after a big one has been won) – they will not even bother to buy a ticket because it’s not worth it.

      I just have to shake my head because aren’t lotteries based on how many people buy tickets and that raises the odds of winning?

      Maybe that’s an American thing – we are selective about which jackpots we try for??