Thursday, 12/31/15, Public Square

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by | December 30, 2015 · 6:07 pm

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  1. And a Happy New Year to all.

  2. Let’s finish and begin the year with thanks and hope for friends, family and our shared community. Hope for reconciliation and healing wherever it is needed. Hope for those in need of caring and those that care for others. Hope for a better year; a year of helping those less fortunate, those in need. Let us find and give love, share the best that we are, find strength where there is weakness. Let there be kindness without need of reason. Hope that we can make the best of what we have. Let us make the day better because we have lived it.

    I love you friends!

    • Well said, fnord.

      I need to work on my distaste (?) or better word – cynicism – of organized religion. I know I sound like a broken record on the issue. But I think it’s because I was personally hurt by so many self-professed Christians that it is very hard to forget.

      Once burned, twice shy – as the saying goes.

      There is also another old saying that would benefit everyone – regardless of their political or religious beliefs – clean up your own backyard before you start on your neighbors.

      Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if that were to be the law of the land?

      The year 2016 promises to be a very tumultuous year – filled with all the political drama. And then there is also the threat of that Holy War World War III breaking out.

      My grandpa worked in the shipyards during World War II. My mother used to tell the story of how two families lived in the same house (my grandma’s sister, her husband and their son). Both men worked in the shipyards and it was hard work with long days.

      The two women kept the families going by scrimping and saving where they could – but both families were always fed, clothed, housed, went to school and could go to the doctor when needed. Hell – the doctor made house calls back then.

      I’ve often thought about how our current Americans would survive if they had to live without the comforts we have today (which far surpass the comforts of my Grandpa’s days)

      How many Americans would be content to live in the size of house that our grandparents had – and where they raised their kids?

      I dare say – not too many.

      Have we become a nation of people who expect too much – and we get too much – and we never have to wait for anything because everything can be bought on credit now?

      When I listen to these folks who push to go to war – I have to ask them, are you prepared to do what is necessary?

      Sad to say – I don’t think the majority of Americans even think about the real consequences of going to war. To them – war is just something new to watch on their television.

      Maybe this is what Americans need to learn in 2016? How to be content with what we have and stop looking for trouble – over there.

  3. Asher Bob White

    Grace and Peace for the next year to each of you. This will be an exciting year so just ‘keep your cool!’

    • Roller coasters are an exciting ride – and I suspect that is what we are in for this coming year.

      Serious question – do you think Trump will be the GOP nominee?

      I don’t – I think if Trump does win a lot of primaries – I still look for the Chamber of Commerce Republicans to throw a monkey wrench into the works by forcing a brokered convention.

      As the old saying goes – it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

      Personally – I think these COC Republicans wanted Jeb Bush in there. But if that is not possible – they will install Marco Rubio as their fair-haired boy.

      • BTW – I also think Trump will go independent at the last minute if he does not get to walk into the GOP Convention uncontested.

        Trump is a billionaire Corporate CEO that apparently thinks everyone in the world works for him and will jump the minute he screams to jump.

        Well – I don’t work for Trump – and he has made a lot of political waves – aka enemies – and I really don’t think the COC Republicans will allow Trump to walk away with the Miss GOP pageant crown – do you?