Tuesday, 12/22/15, Public Square



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    • I watched the old Christmas Classic Movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ again this year.

      As I watched it, several things occurred to me:

      1) Old Man Potter looks a lot like Dick Cheney.
      2) George Bailey was the man who wanted to get out of his small town but something always kept him there – and he carried on and did his best, even though his heart was still yearning to travel. In other words – George Baily was an average guy that chose to sacrifice his own wants and dreams to do what was needed to be done.
      3) At the end, all the average people came out and contributed what they could (large or small) to help George Bailey.

      Sad to say – Republicans seem to think that Old Man Potter is the better person and the only person deserving enough to get taxpayer money through subsidies/special tax breaks. . After all, he was wealthy and he had a lot of power.

      Also sad to say – in today’s world, if more George Bailey’s do not look up from their cell phones and their designer coffee cups – the Old Man Potters of this world will take over.

      My final thought – could that same movie be done today – with the same message that the average working Americans can beat down the Potters in the world?

      Judging from the GOP circus currently on tour, I don’t know the answer to that question

      What do you think?

  1. Merry Christmas Eve day to everyone. Here’s wishing Santa brings you everything you asked for – and some surprises.

  2. Hope everyone is safe and warm today. This weather is something else….