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  1. I watched the debate Tuesday night — it wasn’t easy, but I did it. Chris Christie had the above hilarious line. Other than that most of it was purely war mongering.

    I had someone (a ‘conservative’) tell me “Yeah, but they oppose abortion!” This was THE important thing to this MAN! The only answer I had was that if all the wars those republican candidates for POTUS want to start become reality there won’t be a single person of child-bearing age left.

    • I wonder if this conservative man also realizes that Republicans were in total control from 2000 to 2006 and what did they do about abortion?

      Not one damn thing…….. so, I guess even when his precious Republicans claim to oppose abortion, that issue is not on their agenda when they had TOTAL control for 6 years?

      Maybe that was due to the fact that these same Republicans during 2000 to 2006 were too busy implementing their war(s)?

      I’ve said this before – and I’ll keep on saying it – if men were able to be pregnant, there would be an abortion clinic on every corner and with drive-thru service.

      • BTW – as for Chris Christie not knowing King Hussein has been dead for 16 years – when have facts gotten in the way of any Republicans kicking Obama in the teeth?

        And we all know that is exactly what Christie was doing – just throwing out the raw, red meat to the GOP mindless minions.

    • Good point, Once again I have stolen the picture to put up on my Facebook. I am such a stinker !!!! I just can not help throwing barbs at the more conservative members and friends I have.

  2. Asher Bob White

    Today’s post acknowledges the distinction between “intelligence” and “wisdom.” Gov. Christie is among the many who are considered pretty darn smart, i.e., intelligent, while his kind of which there are a vast number, demonstrate, repeatedly, how overbearing and stupid mere intelligence can be. Wisdom is a much higher calling than mere intelligence. And “wisdom” does not encourage, nor is it defined, by “debate,” e.g., “the public interest and the common good.” Yet, Gov. Christie is the kind who voters often elect to “govern” the rest of us. Voters must do better. ‘Nuff said.

    • A little bit of common decency and common sense that allows a person to know that acting like you know something when you don’t won’t pass muster would be nice too.

      Sadly, those who support Governor Christie will believe he really does know, and will blame the media for making stuff up even if they spend time to hear that media called him out on this stupidity. After all he said it and the media can’t be trusted. [eye roll]

      American voters really are as dumb as you think they are.

  3. Anyone ill informed enough to believe this blow hard would be sure the fact checkers are wrong. Just like they eat up the kill innocents because we’re afraid of them, send America’s youth to be fodder in wars, take healthcare away, screw the economy unless you’re ‘deserving’ (which seems to mean rich), reform Medicare and Social Security (which means take both away), take away education for the undeserving too … lines of bull crap.

    • Americans have been dumbed down to the point there is a new classification for these folks –

      Proud to be Stupid

      And it does not help when Republicans circle their wagons to defend Sarah Palin when she rewrote American history. One such time was when SP actually said Paul Revere was warning the British that we were armed and they had better not come up to mess with us.


      Oh what the hell – why am I surprised at these folks? These are some of the same folks who have turned Jesus into some Vulture Venture Capitalist wearing a Gucchi suit, with an I-pad and decked out in gold bling jewelry.

      • Oh – I forgot – Jesus also has an assault rifle strapped to his chest with multiple rounds of ammo – because it is his God-given right to be able to kill everything in sight.



    This is a sad day for President Carter and his entire family. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this time of unbearable grief.

    Every time I read about Jimmy Carter, I always have to wonder…..what would our country be like today if we had just listened to Jimmy Carter when he told to conserve energy and put on a sweater.

    How dare that Peanut Farmer get so uppity…

    • Is it more than a coincidence that the same people who continue to smear Jimmy Carter’s good name are the same folks who continue to worship Ronald Reagan?

      Especially given the fact that Reagan actually thought it was a good idea to sell war weapons to our sworn enemy Iran through that Iran Contra deal.

      And these same folks are incapable of seeing how America would be in a stronger position if we were not so damn dependent on oil?

  5. You absolutely MUST watch this!