Sunday, 12/13/15, Public Square



by | December 12, 2015 · 10:04 pm

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  1. There’s a better chance of Santa Claus than trickle-down economics working.

    PrairiePond, you ready for the storm?

  2. Trickle down economics has sure caused a lot of hurt for a lot of people. At least Santa brings smiles!

    • Reagan did a lot of damage to our country and trickle down economics was just one of this man’s worst ideas.

      My grown kids grew up under Reagan’s Reign of Terror and now they are married with kids of their own.

      Both my kids and their spouses work full time jobs. And they all say the same thing – they feel lucky to even have a job but the hope of having a family-wage job in which the mother can stay home with the kids – that is only a dream.

      In my childhood – a stay-at-home was the rule – rather than the exception.

      I’m not saying that all mothers should be stay-at-home moms. What I am saying is that mothers and fathers should have the luxury of choosing that option.

      Due to Reagan’s push of Greedy Corporations running everything – the basic American dream of owning a home – or even to choose to have the mother stay at home with the kids – seems to be a pipe dream for most couples.

      Then we get into the issue of too many people who are working poor – those making minimum wage and trying to raise their kids.

      Hell – even paying for basic health care will destroy the budget of people making a lot more money. So how can a person making minimum wage even begin to pay their bills? Health care is just one expense – there is housing, food, clothing, utilities and transportation to get to your job.

      Reagan and his cronies made it very difficult for too many Americans to even make it in today’s world.

      And now the Republicans still want to take away health care from the people that need it the most?

      That is a mindset I just don’t understand.

      But – I believe that a person’s job is more than just a way to bring in money to live. It is also a way for that person to have dignity – a self pride – and that is worth more than the wages the person receives.

      You see – I don’t understand the mindset of corporations who are making billions in profits but will not pay more than minimum wage and/or only offer part time jobs and yet they still think they are helping the economy?

      They aren’t – they are simply reinforcing what Reagan ushered into America – the complete Corporatization of America.

      And in my humble opinion – Reagan started the demise of America – and yet Republicans continue to worship St. Ronnie Raygun.