Wednesday, 12/9/15, Public Square

jeb on paris


by | December 8, 2015 · 6:45 pm

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  1. I wonder what will happen today in this big ol’ crazy world?

    Does anyone here think that Trump has gone too far this time and will start to implode?

    I heard a news report last night that might explain why The Donald has chosen to go completely off the rails with his proposed ban on all Muslims.

    One of the latest polls has Ted Cruz at 24% and Trump at 16% – hmmm……

    Trump had to do something grandiose – and crazy – in order to get those Krazee Kristians back into his spot on the GOP Crazy Circus Train?

  2. I have to wonder what the Koch Brothers really think about all this craziness in the GOP?

    Let’s not ever forget – it was these two brothers that has funded the Tea Party/Krazee Kristians and everybody was dancing naked in the street when these folks were causing troubles at those town hall meetings – remember?

    Well – now that Donald Trump has demanded his own ring in the GOP circus – I just have to wonder what these Koch Brothers really think?

    Bottom line – Koch Brothers are all about their money – and Donald Trump could be a source of irritation for them – especially in the global repercussions.

    Koch has a lot of overseas operations – don’t they? I wonder how many people around the world are looking at the USA and thinking what I’m thinking – what the hell is wrong with those people?

    • Oh – I just thought of somebody else that probably does not like Trump very much – that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

      I wonder what he thinks of Trump’s rise in the GOP political circus?

      We haven’t heard much from that Adelson guy – have we?

      Nor from Karl Rove – but I did notice Dick Cheney even joined in the Chamber of Commerce Republicans backlash yesterday saying that Trump has gone too far.

      When will enough be enough?

      I’m not holding my breath – I’ve been asking that same question about Rush Limbaugh ever since Bill Clinton made Rush an overpaid bloviated superstar. I still remember Rush’s first t.v. show during the Clinton years – do you?

      With the current level of craziness in this world of ours – I would not put anything past anybody anymore.

    • I think it will end up more a pissing contest between them. They both feeling they have a status of their very own. singular as to power and control. But the end result will be that they fight each other for a bone that neither is better off with.

  3. Asher Bob White

    Re. Today’s Post ….. how’s this for irony? Another Bush, another war!

    • History does tend to repeat itself (because people rarely learn from their mistakes?)

      Look around and see the same names – Bush and Clinton – even Jerry Falwell’s son is now involved in today’s politics because he let the world know that he is packing a rod and told his followers they should also pack a rod.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but did Jesus ever arm himself with a deadly weapon?

      The ONLY time Jesus lost his temper was when he ran those money changers out of the Temple.

      IMHO – I think today’s Corporate Mega Churches are the equivalent to money changers. These are folks who use the name of Jesus to make money.

      There’s that word again – MONEY.


    • I think we do need to do a better job in screening people that want to come to America to live, I do NOT think we need to single out Muslims, Syrians or Afghans.

      Too many times – the real danger is right next to us, or even sitting in the church pew – or even preaching at the front podium. We have this 24/7 barrage of HATE-HATE-HATE and that has turned into a cancer – IMHO.

      Cancer spreads and does not care what it destroys and it is destroying us piece by piece.

      But what is the most stupid part of all this fear mongering is the fact that Republicans STILL voted against the proposed change to the current law that allows people on the No Fly LIst to be able to legally purchase guns in America.


      On one hand – these folks scream about the Muslim terrorists are coming and then on the other hand – these same folks don’t want to close that loophole in the access to guns.

      I am trying to wrap my head around that mindset – and all I can come up with is that some folks are more concerned about the MONEY they make off the sale of guns than their so-called principles?

      And we are talking about Republicans – so I view them as a nothing more than MONEY worshippers – but they’re using the disguise they are followers of Jesus. I beg to differ with that – these folks worship the Almighty Dollar.

      • But – then again – these same Republicans still worship Ronald Reagan – the sitting US president that actually thought it was a good idea to sell war weapons to our sworn enemy Iran in the mid 1980’s.

        Again I have to ask – does Ronnie get a free pass because he made such a good profit off those weapons?

        I heard Trump call Bowe Bergdahl a ‘no good traitor’ and he should be have executed.

        Hmmm……..Reagan was a traitor – IMHO. But Reagan was made into this Golden Idol that Republicans continue to bow down to and kiss his prune ass every day.

      • Yes, as you said MONEY is very important to republicans. My other thought is how much they need the FEAR to keep people listening to them. It’s kinda like not even attempting overturn Roe v Wade when you have the presidency and both houses of Congress. Abortion is an issue republicans need too badly to try to get rid of it, so is fear.


    Watch this video and then watch the video that I posted above with the British Veteran that lost his leg in Iraq and his FB post against Islamophobia.

    I wonder which one of these two videos would be welcome to media Mouthpiece of the GOP – the Foxxies Hen House Cluck Fest Network.



    Maybe I’m showing my age but I find this guy’s marketing strategy very disturbing.

    Why all the yelling, screaming and destruction of everything in sight?

    Is this just that junior-high mentality mindset that seems to have taken hold on our country?