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  1. When I read this headline —

    Jerry Falwell Jr, Liberty University, and A Hateful Christianity Off the Rails

    I was stopped still in my tracks. Who would have ever thought the words “Hateful Christianity” would be true in our day and age. Surely those words fit another time in history or at the very least fit only a tiny number of radicals.

    The article that goes with the headline is a good read.

    • LOL me being me, I often have heated discussions about the subject. Gladly for the most part win the argument and turn some around in their views. ( FYI I can be a bit stubborn). I must because I often get asked why their had not seen me in church or something like that. I still work on the part of the family that attend Fox but still get invited to their house?

      Aside note: I try to go visit my mother often and at times I swear the other there enjoy my visit more then she does. Maybe I am being a fresh person to see? Or it could be I am just entertaining to them…

    • Does anybody else feel a sense of deja vu when you hear the name of Jerry Falwell Jr?

      His father was also in the political game of keeping that hatred pot stirred. But it made him a very wealthy man – didn’t it?

      Let’s not forget – Ronald Reagan also used Falwell and his Immorality Boys to make a mess of our country.

      Oh, but didn’t they just sound like such innocent little choir boys?

      IMHO – this is what a true Anti Christ would be like – the appearance of being so morally good, possess the gift of the silver tongue to hypnotize everyone into thinking they were on a mission from God.

      Reagan did a lot of damage to our country – iMHO. From the Iran Contra Scandal to taking those solar panels off the White House roof and dooming our country to the dependence on foreign oil. And let’s not forget how Reagan and Falwell (let’s not forget him) handled the AIDS epidemic.

      If Reagan had showed true Christian compassion – and even a slight bit of science knowledge – Reagan would have handled the AIDS epidemic as a health problem.

      But – NO – Reagan handled it as a moral problem and then Falwell and his Immorality Boys took over from that point on…

      What would Jesus have done with those people affected by AIDS during that time period?

      Would he have treated them like Reagan and Kristians did – or would Jesus have been there at their side and helping them?

      I suspect the true Jesus would have been at their side – showing the true meaning of what Christianity should be about.

  2. Here are some statistics and facts the NRA doesn’t want people to see.




    Excuse me, but where in the Bible does it say Jesus ever packed a rod?

    Seriously, folks, these are scary times.

    But, I’m sure, Junior’s collection plates were overflowing with even more tax-free money……

  4. BTW – I wonder how many of these Republicans and Krazee Kristians are packing their bags to go over to volunteer to help Jordan in their current fight with ISIS?

    I’ve read several news stories about these different groups of Americans over in Syria that are doing the actual fighting and dying.

    Hey – why doesn’t Jerry Falwell Junior gather up his thousands of minions in that one picture alone (in the link I provided) and use their own tax-free millions to buy a one-way ticket for them all .

    Let’s make these Krazee Kristians stand up and do the right thing by actually going over to the front lines of combat in Syria.

    Let’s see them put their lily-white butts on the line.

    When I see that being done – then I might listen to one damn word they spew.

  5. Seems there’s enough hate to spread around everywhere. Stop the world and let me off.

    “Political identity is fair game for hatred”: how Republicans and Democrats discriminate

    • Is it more than a coincidence that our media has become much more corporatized since the 1960’s?

      I remember watching Walter Cronkite doing the news. We NEVER saw Walter Cronkite act like a celebrity. We NEVER saw Cronkite take sides in the issues of the day – or did I miss that?

      The freedom of the press is a right – but how much of our current news is really news and how much is propaganda?

      Fox News – need I say more?

      • You missed that in 1968, indy. That’s when he came out as actively opposed to the war in Vietnam.

      • Oh, you’re right. I remember that now. Maybe Walter Cronkite just had his fill by that time – after President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were all assassinated – maybe that damn Vietnam War was just the final straw?

        Even with that public statement of opposition, I would never say that Cronkite (or any of the other news broadcasters during that time) act like these overpaid, under-talented celebrities we see today.

        I watch The Today Show and I swear, sometimes if I close my eyes, those three women and those two men sound more like a middle school locker room filled with teenage drama queens and the juvenile boys who like to snicker at the mention of ‘boobs’.


    How long will it take before the NRA goes after the 7 SCOTUS judges that did this..

    Of course, the NRA’s two little darlings – Scalia and Thomas – were the two dissenting judges..

    So – I guess they’re still considered the NRA’s fair-haired boys?

  7. Today’s Krazee Kristians (I refuse to use the letter C to label these folks) has already made Jesus into a Venture Capitalist wearing a Gucchi suit and wearing the gold bling of financial success.

    So – having Jesus packing a rod or wearing an assault weapon strapped across his chest with multiple rounds of ammunition is not a big deal to these Krazee Kristians.

    I think this is what is wrong with our churches today – this corporatization of these mega churches – the ones with huge buildings and multi-million dollar budgets.

    I’ve often asked people – when you drive up to your church, do you ever ask yourself how much money does it take to keep this operation going?

    If the answer is in the millions – then that is too damn much.

    Then I remind these folks of the only time Jesus ever lost his temper. Remember the story of how Jesus got so mad at the money changers in the Temple and he ran them all out of there.

    Where is Jesus with that whip – we need him to clean house – again.