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  1. And it’s not just Donald Trump. Ben Carson compared Syrian refugees to rabid dogs; he has also said that Muslims should be barred from the presidency and has falsely claimed, among other things, that Islamic law requires that “people following other religions must be killed.”

    This goes beyond “outsider” candidates, too. Chris Christie has said that the US should not accept a single Syrian refugee, even “orphans under [age] five.” This policy does not make sense unless you see these refugees as threats purely for their demographic background.

    In part, this is about hostility toward immigrants, irrespective of their religion — a central issue for Trump and his campaign for months, and one he’s pressed on Latin American immigration as well. But the reaction against Syrian refugees, for all its similarities to other anti-immigration movements, also has a clear and consistent religious element to it.

    Both Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have proposed barring refugees but making special exemptions for Christian refugees — again, a policy that only makes sense if you see refugees as threats not because they are refugees or foreign but because they are Muslim.

    Trump also suggested support for closing some mosques. Marco Rubio, when asked on Fox News about this, said he might go even further. “It’s not about closing down mosques. It’s about closing down anyplace — whether it’s a cafe, a diner, an internet site — anyplace where radicals are being inspired,” he said.

    It’s not just Trump: Islamophobia in America is spiraling out of control

    • Religion is trying hard to be the most evil of all evil. I’m voting for the evangelinuts to be the absolute worst! Is this part of the plan to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to more closely resemble the Bible and change our very form of government to a Theocracy?

      • Asher Bob White

        I hope not! Not a Theocracy. I’m even having trouble with a democracy. And I’m convinced that it all boils-down to humanity …. and what is happening to humanity; world wide. Humanity’s values are becoming crazy. Yet, I live with many wonderful, happy and reasonable people. From where, today, are all the “crazies” coming? That question no longer knows a simple answer. Is it wealth? Poverty? Mental? Politics? Or just humans? I’m reading a book section at this time that discusses Ancient Times; Greek > Roman > European > in regards to human values and that affect upon economic expectations by society as a precursor to today’s economic values and expectations. And, to me, it all makes sense. Yet, we citizens-of-today will not accept any of it. Maybe, because of Capitalism. Is that “the” problem?

      • My theory about all this craziness may be a simplistic one – but here goes.

        When people are busy working and taking care of their families – then they don’t have time to get all wrapped up in this craziness that has become a cottage industry for the crazy-pot stirrers to make all those tax-free millions.

        Bottom line – give people access to family-wage jobs and I suspect a lot of folks would return to be – reasonable and moderate-thinking.

        Listen to any Republican and what is the main theme in their diatribe – these folks truly believe that they are being persecuted and they are LOSING to that guy ‘over there’.

        So is it a coincidence that Republicans hate all immigrants – but hate the Muslims the most?

        As for hating the Muslims the most – I suspect that message is being driven 24/7 by the hate-filled rhetoric coming straight out of these Corporate Mega Churches and their cousins the televangelists. Oh – and the various Christian non-profit groups.

        Then throw in the NRA – and we really have a bad batch of H-A-T-E brewing.

        I think we need to get back to treating Corporations like a business and they are NOT a person – Mitt the Twit Romney was wrong about that.

        We need Republican to stop worshipping Ronald Reagan and start following the footsteps of Eisenhower – and Eisenhower even warned us about the Military Industrial Complex Beast – didn’t he?

        I just don’t know if Americans have it ‘in them’ to do what we need to do?

        We need to stand up and just say OH HELL NO.

        I like Bernie Sanders a lot – and we need Bernie in the White House.

        But do I think Bernie has a chance to get there? NO – because Bernie makes too much sense and Bernie is a threat to the status quo of Corporations in Total Control – and politicians in both parties do their bidding.

        I wish I knew how to change things – but what I can do is to do my small part – in my part of the world – to make things better.

      • P.S. – Bernie Sanders is making big news among the younger generations. I heard where Bernie has surpassed Obama’s record in 2008 of getting small donors to his campaign. Bernie said his average donation is around $30.

        NOW that sounds like an average American – to me. I don’t know too many people that could afford to buy one of those $5,000 and up to $50,000 a plate for some of these candidates. Do you know people that can do that?

        Last, but not least, we need to start putting an emphasis on education in this country. I don’t mean these Common Core statistics and testing.

        I mean – American History and Government 101.

        There are way-too-many folks who truly believed Sarah Palin when she said that Paul Revere was warning the British soldiers to not come up because we are armed when he made his infamous ride through the villages.

        And not all of our American history is so pure-snow-white, Our country has done some horrendous things – and that needs to be told also.

        I am against any whitewashing of any facts. Maybe that’s why I am a RINO – Republican in Name Only – and then that was just so I can vote in their damn primaries. That’s the best way to weed out the wackos from the very beginning.

  2. When I hear Kristian Republicans demonize all Muslims – just for ‘looking like a Muslim’ – I have to shake my head in amusement.

    Do these folks know what the real Jesus looked like?

    He was certainly NOT a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man.

  3. For some reason generally on Saturdays we go to the East side of Wichita and go shopping and general look about. The number of people I see there that are from the Middle East or at least look to be Moslem is remarkable. Many are actually teens or younger adults. I had never seen any actions that would case fear or suspect. They could be students at WSU or simply live their with some parent. Fear is so like a hungry dog… It seem to want to consume often without reason or thought as to what it is actually doing to itself or others.

    • If you go to the Walmart on North Rock Road, you will generally see a bus from WSU in the parking lot.

      Then once inside, there are a lot of foreign college-age kids – the majority of them are Muslim-looking folks.

      But up here around my neighborhood, there are a lot of health care professionals – and some of these folks are also Muslim-looking folks.

      As I’ve shared many times before – my oncologist that helped me to win my cancer fight was a very dark-skinned man from Sudan. I assumed he was a Muslim because of his birth place but you know what? I did not care one bit if he was a Muslim or not. This man was the doctor that showed compassion and helped me when I needed it the most.

      My first oncologist right after my massive surgery was a Proud-N-Loud White Evangelical Christian Male. This was the man that so was busy with his money-making career – that he did not even know my name. His staff kept calling me by the wrong name. This doctor would come into the exam room, be called to the telephone to discuss another person’s case and then turn around to me and say ‘do you have any questions’. When I answered YES – this doctor then told me that his nurse would be in shortly to answer any questions – then he quickly left the exam room. I assume to go on to his next patient to make those almighty dollars.

      That entire oncologist practice was a night mare. There were about 10 doctors in that office and staff were uncaring, didn’t listen to one damn word anybody said because they were the ones in the ‘white coats’.

      Yeah – a lot of good that Loud-N-Proud Christian Male did for me. Because of him and his staff – I made the decision to fire him and stop all treatments. I made the choice to take my chances with the cancer than to go back to that uncaring doctor and his horrid staff.

      When I told the doctor the reasons for not returning to his care – and the fact his staff constantly called me by the wrong name – his reaction was so spot on for an uncaring creep – he did not care. He did not even respond to me.

      I can assume that this White Christian doctor knew that he had lost a cancer patient that was a potential golden goose.

      BTW – I found that Muslim-looking doctor in the Yellow Pages. That was the smartest move I ever made in my life.

      My grandpa used to say – don’t judge a book by it’s cover. That also applies to people – doesn’t it?

      • By the way – that Muslim-looking dark-skinned male doctor also took in patients that had maxed out their insurance and were waiting for Medicaid to kick in – and he treated those patients with the same caring and compassion that he showed me.

        This doctor’s nurse told me that my previous White Christian male doctor had sent one of his patients that had maxed out his insurance. BUT this White Christian also had the gall to tell the Muslim-looking doctor that he could treat that patient but to send him back to the White guy once his Medicaid kicked in.

        Is that something Jesus would do???

        Just because someone professes to be a Christian does NOT make them a follower of Jesus’ teachings.

  4. I awoke to the national news demonizing Obama for not telling Americans what our new strategy is to fight ISIS.

    Then there was the video footage of Trump, Cruz, Carson, Rubio – all flapping their gums about how weak Obama is and that Obama refuses to say the words ‘ radical Islamists’.


    This is December 7th – I just wonder if any of these loud-mouthed buffoons (and I’m including these overpaid media mouthpieces) even know what this date means in history?

    This is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. That was the catalyst for America to go into the World War II.

    DOES anybody know their factual history anymore?

    During that World War II – what as the common saying about – loose lips, sinks ships?

    DUH….does anyone stop to think that a smart military leader would NEVER tell the enemy what their strategy is before actually carrying it out?

    Do these Republicans NOT think that these Radical Islamists listen to the same media that Americans do?

    DAMN….I’m so tired of all this LIttle Cowboy Mentality of Big Hat, No Cattle from these Chicken Hawk Republicans.

    Here’s an idea – round up these Republicans and every Krazee Kristian that wants to go kill all Muslims and send them on a one-way trip to Syria. Let these macho men show us how it’s done.

    I wonder how many would cry like a damn baby if they had to do the actual fighting and dying..

    It’s very easy to sit behind a computer being an anonymous blogger and puffing yourself up like some King Pin. But it’s a different story when the price is your own butt on the front line of the combat.

    And don’t dare think these same Republicans would ever pay their own money to fight their damn Holy War. That is one thing they will NEVER do – you don’t threaten these so-called patriots with loss of their money.

    • Guess what, Indy? I heard some pundits complaining that President Obama had given away too many plans! Yep. It doesn’t seem to matter what is really said anymore. Nobody is listening. Anyway, they were complaining that he had taken “boots on the ground” off the table as an option and this would embolden the enemy.

      • That’s what boggles my mind – these Republicans demonize Obama with such hatred for the past 8 years and NOW they demonize him even more for not agreeing with them on everything?

        OH PLEASE…..they need to just sit down and STFU