Monday, 11/30/15, Public Square

The Center for Medical Progress made those videos with the explicit reason of riling up the anti abortion right wingers. CMP was founded by convicted felons Cheryl Sullenger and Troy Newman, who were also implicated for supporting Scott Roeder in Dr. Tiller’s murder. These are people who absolutely incite violence. They always have.
Then Carly Fiorina stepped up to the plate to make sure sickos were influenced.



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3 responses to “Monday, 11/30/15, Public Square

  1. LOL I swear coming here I get such wonderful cartoons to poke at some R.R. and Nazi-Cons I know on Facebook!

    • Just as a side note – I wonder how much tax-free money is made by the co-owners of this CMP group?

      Hmmm….why on earth would they want to kill the golden goose?

      Perhaps this is really why nobody on the Pro Life side is really wanting to resolve the abortion issue – they just want to keep that golden goose laying those golden eggs for as long as possible.

      My Grandpa used to tell us – to know a person’s true heart – found out how much they love money. That tells the whole story – doesn’t it?

      Make a video – rile up the minions – minions throw tax-free money towards your way – and every preacher man/televangelist in the same CON game.

      It’s a win-win situation and this same con gets pulled over and over again.

  2. Fifty years ago Rosa Parkers refused to give up her seat to a White person. We have came along way since. Though it is not a complete trip yet, those of us whom are old enough to remember. Know that we have came farther then at the time it was thought.