Saturday, 11/28/15, Public Square



by | November 27, 2015 · 6:08 pm

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  1. There you go again, all sorts of facts and logic. We all know those don’t count if the subject is Syrian refugees. /sarcasm

    • Sad to say – this Paris tragedy is feeding right into the hands of Donald Trump and his fellow GOP presidential candidates.

      The only thing Trump needs to do is scream how he is going to go after these evil Muslims – while he registers all the Muslims here in America. Nobody ever asks this dude as to how he plans to do these things. Because nobody cares about the facts/details.

      Republicans have proven they don’t particular want to know the facts – they prefer to go off half-cocked and make as much money as they can off the current tragedy. Those tax-free dollars are such a temptation.

      I am firmly convinced that the modern-day Republican only cares about one thing – MONEY. And that is THEIR money – not enough money for every American to keep our economy strong. Republicans don’t even know how our economy works – which is why they all still worship Reagan and that damn trickle-down economics.

      All I can say is – no wonder the rest of the world is looking at America like we have completely lost our minds……

      • LOL when I point such things out, it often seems I am speaking a foreign langage that people do not understand. So trapped in fear of the unseen that they can not see what is right in front of them.

  2. The suspect in that shooting in Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic is 57-yr-old white male from North Carolina. It was reported that he lived in a cabin in the woods and the door had a cross made out of twigs on it.

    Apparently, this man identifies with being a Christian..

    So – to use the Republicans’ logic of blaming all Muslims for the actions of one/few – then all middle aged white males are murderers/terrorists that shoot up heath clinics?

    • This is the first time I’ve heard about this – did I not get the first memo?

      But, let’s see, more people making more money off all this war crap. I knew the oil was a big money-maker – but this drug?

      • Just wondering – since this is so big in Saudi Arabia – maybe we could get George W. Bush to take another stroll in that lovely garden with the Saudi King and ask the hard questions this time…..

  3. G-Stir

    This is completely off subject, and I have not been paying much attention, but what happened to the “other blog”? Did wingnuttia claim another victim?

    • You talking about the blog that shall not be named?

      I haven’t been there for 2 years – not do I care to even venture to look over that particular hate-filled fence.