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  1. The dirty little secret in health care today is how much these hospitals and doctors clinics DEPEND on Medicare to keep the cash flow going.

    When rubber hits the road – these corporations who are heavily involved in today’s health care industry are there simply to get their feeding frenzy at the taxpayer trough.

    But nobody ever talks about how our health care has become corporatized.

    There are very few doctors who are in their own practice anymore – or even several doctors in a private partnership now.

    It seems to be ALL corporatized.

    IMHO – the Via Christi System is the worst corporation of all. And let’s not make the mistake that because Via Christi is a non-profit group that they are not a corporation.

    Maybe not on paper – but in the real world – this group acts just like a money-hungry and cold-hearted corporation. I still remember how their billing department treated me when I was discharged from 29 days of hospital stay.

    With months of chemo treatment staring me in the face after the surgery to remove a foot of my colon, this Via Christi Billing Vulture called me and harassed me as to when I was going to pay my portion of the bill. Now mind you – they were paid $168,000 by my insurance company. But this Vulture wanted every penny of my out-of-pocket portion.

    This Vulture told me to quit my job and divorce my husband – so they can get paid for the hospital bill AND be assured of future payment through Medicaid for any and all future health care from their facilities.

    Yeah – you read correctly -the Catholics were telling me to divorce my husband.

    Family values my fat ass….


    Speaking of Krazee Kristians….did you see or hear about this latest alleged ‘War on Christmas’?

    Jeezus….when will this nonsense STOP

    • When do you think Christians might be willing to call out these Krazee Kristians? I mean big numbers of real Christians telling them to STOP embarrassing Christianity and trying to show the world stupidity instead of love?

      • How many sane and moderate Republicans have called out Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ben Carson, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin or any number of others that have done nothing but show their stupidity to the world?

        As long as their is money to be made off this stupidity – there will be those Krazee Kristians. And don’t for one minute think that money is not at the root of all this nonsense.

        Can you imagine the church collection plates being fatter with each fiery sermon about how the Liberals are attacking Christmas because they hate Jesus.

        Hey – that strategy works on so many levels…….

      • Can I also add – forget about standing in line to buy an overpriced, deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much you love Jesus and hate homosexuals.


  3. I’d never heard of this before but according to the article it’s been going on for many years and every year they have correctly chosen the winners.

    Bernie Sanders Wins Historically Accurate Mock Election

    • I read some of the comments to the link above and they make it sound much different than I originally thought. Oh well, take it with the grain of salt it should be taken and nothing more than that. đŸ™‚

  4. Has Donald Trump ever let a golden opportunity slip through his hands?

    You’ve probably heard by now that Trump is demonizing Starbucks for their coffee cups.


    The way I see this playing out:

    1) Trump is losing in the polls to Ben Carson.
    2) Ben Carson panders to these Krazee Kristians.
    3) Trump is now pandering to the same Krazee Kristians in order to put Ben Carson in his place. You betcha Wink-Wink

    I often wonder if any Republican candidate has one working brain cell?

    • Maybe this strategy of knocking someone out of the race is how Trump plans to just ‘take the oil’ away from the Muslims?

      Yeah – kinda like Trump’s promise to make Mexico pay for the damn wall.

      BTW – didn’t this same Trump dude promise to make public the evidence that his private investigators were digging up on Obama not being born in Hawaii?

      Remember that promise during Trump’s 2012 run for president? And then – just in the nick of time – Trump drops out of the GOP race and his private investigators must have not gotten back from their overseas trip because NOBODY ever heard of this evidence they allegedly had found…

      And yet NOBODY calls them out on their B.S.

      • “… NOBODY calls them out on their B.S.”

        Well, the evil libraruhl media does and the republicans whimper and whine. And we do but we don’t know what we’re talking about… [eye roll]

        Republicans have their own little reality.

      • Their little reality goes with their little everything else – little class, little integrity and apparently thinking with their little brain, you know those Family Values men