Monday, 11/2/15, Public Square

Why not go with a pie fight and seltzer bottles as the debate format? It’s a clown school anyway…



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  1. So the republican candidates have locked themselves away and will come up with a list of demands that must be met before they’ll participate in future debates.

    Here’s a fun piece from Mother Jones —
    Republican Candidates Agree on List of Debate Demands

    And, here’s what Robert Reich has to say on the subject —

    “Republican presidential candidates think they’ve been mistreated by debate moderators in the two Republican debates so far – so their representatives met today to pressure the networks to give them more sympathetic moderators and friendlier questions. (The Republican National Committee has already suspended a debate in February sponsored by NBC News, sister of CNBC, because of a perceived bias of the CNBC moderators in last week’s second Republican debate.)

    What’s odd is that the first debate was sponsored and moderated by Fox News – hardly a liberal bastion. And CNBC is a right-of-center business channel peopled by the likes of Rick Santelli (whose rant on February 19, 1009 is credited with catalyzing the Tea Party movement) and conservative Larry Kudlow.

    I don’t think the Republican candidates want to be questioned at all. They want a right-wing beauty pageant where they can compete with one another over who has the most extreme conservative credentials. Ted Cruz even proposes future debates be moderated by right-wing broadcasters Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin. “How about instead of a bunch of attack journalists we had real conservatives?” he said recently, to loud cheers.”

  2. I’m reading the DNC is negotiating to get an extra nationwide opportunity to address Spanish-language voters by taking over the NBC time slot that was vacated by the GOP.

    • Hey – a golden opportunity and why not take it.

      If this happens, wait and watch for the same Republicans to bellyache about it.

      Republicans are like that bunch of Old Gossipy Church Women. These folks use gossip, innuendos, outright lies and then look astonished when they are called out for their spreading of pure hatred.

  3. Excuse me, but if Republicans cannot handle a panel of moderators they label as ‘mean’ – how the hell can any of these morons hope to deal with the real mean people around the globe that truly hate America?

    Just asking…..

    I’m not trying to be mean or hurt their widdle feelings…..

    • All kidding aside – what we are witnessing in the Republican Party is no laughing matter.

      When I close my eyes and listen to these morons, I swear these folks have traveled back in time to some damn junior high school locker room.

      That is basically where the GOP mindset is today – IMHO.

  4. When retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, the current GOP 2016 front-runner, campaigns, he routinely pitches “common sense solutions from We the People.” But it seems the candidate who celebrates a cheerful and straightforward populism has a fair bit of disdain for many of his fellow citizens, for at a videotaped event last year, while discussing the American people, he declared, “Many of them are stupid.”

    • Can you imagine having to listen to this man for four long years?:

      For being such an intelligent man – I can barely understand what he says. And I keep waiting for his eyes to completely close and for him to be snoring.

      This man has no personality – no sense of even being awake.

      DAMN – Putin would wrap him up in a pretty bow and kick his ass halfway across the world..

      • I don’t think he is intelligent. I know he was a gifted surgeon but I see that as similar to a good auto mechanic who knows what wire hooks where. I’ve heard Dr. Carson make statements of ignorance that are fairly shocking. He is a very religious man — Seventh-Day Adventist — and seems so lost in ideology he has managed to not learn anything of the modern world.

      • You’re probably right – I never thought about intelligence being that way.

        Maybe he is one of those folks who are book smart but just plain ignorant?

        Either way – I cannot imagine myself having to sit and listen to this man for four long years.


        As for being a very religious man – more power to him.- if that is what he chooses.

        BUT we are no electing the next Pope for America – we are electing a president of ALL the PEOPLE – not just a certain religious bunch.