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  1. I assume we’ve all read the news about that female student in South Carolina that was taken out of her desk seat and thrown to the ground and then dragged out of the room by the school resource police officer.

    I’ve been on a few national blogs and these comments from some of the Loud-N-Proud Conservatives are downright scary.

    I made the comment that the student did refuse to comply with the teacher’s request so she needed to leave the room.

    BUT – what I do not agree with is how this police officer made the choice to do what he did – and in such a violent manner.

    Why couldn’t he just get behind the female student’s back and then put his arms around her and pick up the entire desk to then take her out of the room that way?

    He could have restrained her arms in this way – and her legs were in front of him – so she could not have kicked him.

    For making that comment – I was jumped on by several Conservatives as to why was I defending the student and why did I think blacks should be able to tell whites what to do.


    I stated very clearly that the student did not comply and she needed to be removed from the room.

    I simply disagreed with the method this police officer chose to accomplish that goal.

    SO – are Conservatives so hellbent on keeping the black vs white hatred pot stirred? Or are these CONS just incapable of reading comprehension?

    Sad to say – I believe CONS are just waiting for the next black vs white fight because they can sit behind their anonymous computers and spew their hate-filled shit?

    • BTW – I recently learned that Kansas has a regulation that school teachers are not allowed to make one disruptive student to leave the classroom.

      If this situation arises, then the teachers are told they have to remove all the remaining students that are not causing the disruption out of the classroom and to leave the disruptive student in the room to be dealt with by another faculty member that is called in.

      Again – WTH….

      Where has common sense gone?

      is this why we have so many school resource police officers in our schools?

      My daughter and SIL both work in an elementary school – in a very nice neighborhood – and they have police officer in their building.


      • I included the fact that this school is in a very nice neighborhood because so many CONservatives seem to think these problems only happen in the bad parts of town – you know, the ghetto and the ‘hood’.

        NO – violence is everything

  2. Asher Bob White

    So, according to today’s lesson, Republican citizens were alive and well at the Crucifixion. And, at least, they continue to be consistent in their excuses for their feelings and attitudes!

    • I firmly believe today’s Republicans are descended from the ones that actually demanded Jesus to be crucified.

      I’ve often said that if Jesus himself came down from Heaven and put his arm around President Obama and told these Krazee Kristians that Obama is a true Christian and not a Muslim – these Krazee Kristian Konservatives would spit in Jesus’ face.

  3. Let’s not forget how these same Krazee Kristian Konservative Republicans continue to worship Ronald Reagan.

    And let’s not also forget how Reagan used Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys to treat President Jimmy Carter like a P.O.S.

    Jimmy Carter shows how a true Christian lives – by his actions and his words.

    And what Reagan and Gang did to Carter is beyond reprehensible.


    Did you watch Paul Ryan on ‘Face the Nation’ show this morning?

    He was sitting there trying to say that he was looking to unify people but yet at every turn he painted President Obama as the evil one that nobody could work with.

    What the Hell does Paul Ryan think the word ‘unifying’ means?

    I think Paul Ryan took the Speaker’s job because he has realized this is the closest he will EVER get to being the president.

    I just wonder how many Republicans have been trying to think of possible scenarios to knock off Obama and Biden so they can install Paul Ryan as their Emperor?

    Stranger things have been known to happen..

    • BTW – wasn’t this the perfect way to take immigration reform off the table so these Republicans won’t look bad to the Hispanic voters.

      Out of sight – out of mind?