Thursday, 10/29/15, Public Square



by | October 29, 2015 · 5:00 am

2 responses to “Thursday, 10/29/15, Public Square

  1. Asher Bob White

    Another term for the Republican “myth” is “political propaganda.” Another example used too much as “political propaganda” is the term “taxes” whenever referring to necessary government “revenue.” Whenever used for the purpose of prejudice, propaganda is the choice. When used for fair, neutral and constructive dialogue non-prejudicial terms are necessary. That is why no civil, well-educated person can converse with Republicans; especially elected Republicans.

  2. The minute any Republican gets into the White House (and that will eventually happen) – our military industrial complex will be ratcheted up to the stratosphere.

    And how many Republicans will even talk about the huge spending and deficit at that time???

    I predict not a single Republican will even say the word – overspending.