Wednesday, 10/28/15, Public Square



by | October 27, 2015 · 8:15 pm

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  1. The republican candidates (at least those allowed on stage) will debate again tonight. I plan to watch The World Series. I may record the debate in case I want to see monkeys throwing shit at one another any time soon.

    • The national blogs are talking about how Ben Carson is the front runner and Donald Trump is dropping in the polls.

      The big debate is whether Trump will blow his cool…

      Judging from Trumps past behavior – isn’t it a safe bet Trump will lost his cool – DUH..

    • Asher Bob White

      I’ll watch the circus (‘debate’) for you and please watch the World Series for me. My wish is for the KC Royals to win the series. Oh, yes, and for the Republicans to do further damage to any chance of winning the pending elections. If it were just that simple!

      • I can’t watch the actual debate – but the blogs are lighting up like a Christmas tree on fire.

        The die-hard Republicans are blaming the moderators/liberal media for pitting these Republicans against one another. This is supposedly the reason there is so much infighting among this group of 15 (?) GOP presidential candidates.

        WTH…..Pass the Popcorn..

      • What a great deal for me, Bob!

        I watched the game and it was fun — there were hits, great defensive plays, a pitcher who pitched the entire game for the first time since waaaaay back there a long time ago. Plus, the Royals won.

        So, what about that debate? I have it recorded, should I bother watching? There are so many reasons not to watch it, are there a few for why I should?

      • Indy, I couldn’t help but see some of the write-ups about the debate. One thing I read several places was that when the candidates were asked questions about the issues they deflected and blamed the media. One said those candidates weren’t about to attempt to answer hard questions, they would rather whine and blame. Sounded like republicans to me! đŸ™‚