Monday, 10/26/15, Public Square

debt ceiling


by | October 26, 2015 · 8:51 am

3 responses to “Monday, 10/26/15, Public Square

  1. Republicans are a peculiar bunch…

    These are the folks who are still fighting Obamacare because of those leeches who get free health care.

    Hmmm…….but these are the same folks who did not demonize George W. Bush and his Gang for giving free health care and to build new hospitals for the Iraqis when we went to war with them.

    Why do Republicans want to give Muslims free health care and deny Americans access to affordable health care insurance?

    • Asher Bob White

      Not paying for the things you have already purchased sounds like a Republican idea to me. And when those Republicans finally agree to pay for what they have already spend, they want to tax the least able which is called regressive taxation. Progressive Democrats like FDR and Bernie Sanders want to use progressive taxation by taxing those most able to pay.