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  1. I get the most bewildered looks from Republicans when I tell them that not all the Founding Fathers were Christians.

    Especially when I single out George Washington. Oh, he was married to a devout Christian woman – but it’s been said that George would always leave the church when communion was being given by the preacher.

    Hmmm… the wine and cracker is to represent the blood and body of Jesus Christ – and George was intentionally absent from this part of the service?

    Doesn’t sound like ol’ George was that committed to being a Christian – does it?

    When I tell my Republican friends this story that I have read in several research resources – they all claim that somehow all that is a great big lie.

    Hmmm………one has to be open to ALL possibilities if one really wants to know the truth..

    Or at least be willing to ask the damn question.

    • Asher Bob White

      “Geniuses,” maybe? I would say “well educated in the curricula of their time.” History tells about their kind for each era: Ancient, Biblical, Asian, European and America as described there. Me? I can’t go very far with appreciation in my perspective about today. Is it because we no longer “educate?” It seems to me that today we “train” virtually everybody. And I’m a retired educator. I’d like to see a return to “education.”

      • Bob, I strongly believe education is THE answer — no matter what the question is.

      • As a requirement for high school graduation, we all had to take Government/Civics, American History and World History.

        And let me just say – I never heard that Paul Revere rode his horse through town warning the British that Americans were armed and don’t you dare come up and try to fight us.

        When Sarah Palin stated this (as well as numerous other offerings of her rewritten history and/or word salad) there was not one Republican that dared to stand up and say SP was wrong with her facts.

        What was worst – in my view – is that Fox News and Hate Talk Radio shock jocks ran with her SP’s version – as if it is what really happened.

        Combine the gullibility (?) or the desire to be told what you want to hear (?) displayed from these Conservative Republicans and the fact that a lot of school children are not taught American History – or even the basics of how government works – that is a dangerous combination to have.

        I greatly fear for our country’s future – especially when I am out driving or walking through our local Walmart. The average person today – I just shake my head and say a prayer that somehow America survives.

      • Indy, Yesterday my granddaughter (the one in college now who lived with us) visited. She was very hungry as usual. đŸ™‚ Back to the topic. She and I began talking politics. She is more than enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders and was telling me excitedly all the things that are happening at her school and how many students are as excited about Bernie as she is.

        I asked her IF Bernie isn’t the nominee will they still vote? We talked for a while about how unreliable the youth vote is and she kept coming back to the enthusiasm for Bernie.

        Finally I mentioned the primaries and the way the parties narrow the field to just one candidate. She looked puzzled and that’s when I learned this smart, accomplished young woman had NO IDEA there were primaries and caucuses. She left here determined to work hard to educate her fellow students and get the vote out for the Kansas caucus.

        I remain shocked at what she didn’t know. Because I know she is better informed than many, I have to wonder how little most of them are aware of.

      • Bob, agree that we “train” rather than educate. Been a big problem for decades, beginning in the 20s as I understand it, worsening until today. I say the 20s, my educator friends talk about Carnegie units, straight rows and enforcement of rigid discipline in the class room, which I understand was in the 1920s.

      • 6176 and Bob – that ‘training’ is very useful in the hands of Vulture Corporations who only want a trained warm body to fill that seat – until a machine is invented to replace that warm body.

        As these Republicans keep stirring the fear and hatred pot of the evil Muslims as our country’s downfall – I think our true downfall is the way we have allowed these Vulture Corporations to take over ……

        When Edward Snowden came out with his NSA hacking and all these good loyal patriots (?) were so outraged that the government was tracking them – I asked several Republican friends if they were just as outraged at these corporations who track their shopping habits by the use of their credit cards. I also asked these folks if they were on any social media sites – and again – corporations are tracking our every move.

        What I got back from my questions was rather startling – they all had these blank looks like I had suddenly sprouted three heads and turned a Neon Green skin color.

        These Republicans have no idea of how deep this corporatization of America has become.

        To me – that is the issue that nobody BUT Bernie Sanders is talking about.