Wednesday, 9/30/15, Public Square



by | September 29, 2015 · 6:06 pm

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  1. And Republicans would spit on the grave of Franklin Roosevelt.

    I’ve never seen such hatred oozing from one political party in my lifetime. There have always been the partisan bickering and fighting. But these Krazy Kristians and Tea Party folks take it a new level in their sewer of hate.

    I had to laugh at the news story where Jeb Bush was saying he was flattered that Trump stole his tax plan.

    WHO the Hell cares what tax plan any of these Republicans propose? We all know that IF a Republican wins in 2016, our country is going to WAR with Iran first – and then I suspect a few more countries will be thrown in for good measure.

    Why have a tax plan when ALL our money will go towards their much-desired Holy War?

    • I wonder – since the issue of religious freedom is such a hot button item now.

      What if I refuse to pay taxes because it is against my religious beliefs to go to war? Do you think there might be a problem with that? I don’t want my tax dollars to go for killing people.

      Hey – it’s the same argument against Planned Parenthood – these Krazy Kristians don’t want their money to pay for abortions.

      Abortion – war killing – same thing….IMHO

      What do you want to bet that these same Krazy Kristians who defended Kim Davis from Kentucky would jump down my throat as a traitor and trample all over my rights to religious freedom.

    • Asher Bob White

      Many, maybe most, Christians misrepresent their faith. They absolutely do not “live it out in their daily lives.” It appears that Muslims have the same problem. Both emphasis “brotherly love” which is not a human trait. Both Christians and Muslims exhibit deep and lasting love for their chosen recipients but certainly not for their enemies. They both choose to kill their enemies.

  2. Another senseless killing at a college. When will this madness stop?

    I have to wonder – does the shock value fade after so many of these events?