Friday, 9/25/15, Public Square



by | September 25, 2015 · 1:52 pm

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  1. Now, this is funny.

    I wonder if Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower would even be around those that followed them?

  2. The Golden Rule which is prominent in most religions seems to me like the best way to live life!

    • or those who have been used to make millions off their misery?

      This is what frustrates me the most about these Evangelical Christian Conservative Republicans – aka Mega Corporate Churches.

      These are huge complexes – built on prime real estate – and they pay absolutely NO taxes.

      Maybe I am just stupid but how does building yet another huge building on your already huge complex help the hungry, the poor, the homeless and those who have given up hope?

      Not one single Fundy Christian Republican has yet to answer my question.

      Corporatization has ruined our country – and it started with these damn Mega Churches – IMHO

  3. I’ve always believed that if your church/religion does not make you think about the Big Picture and how you should not be focused on yourself – but others – then what the hell good is your church/religion?

    To be truly happy – doesn’t that require the ability – and the desire – to step away from your own little world and help others?

    • Did you hear some of these Religious Right Republicans actually say that the Pope – aka church leaders – should keep their religion out of the government’s business?

      WTF……….So there IS separation of Church and State after all?

      I’ve also heard some of the Religious Right Republicans also say that the Pope demonized capitalism.

      That’s not what Pope Francis said – he said that unbridled capitalism is what is wrong – and I agree with him 100%.

      • Asher Bob White

        I agree with you, Indy, that “unbridled capitalism” is what is wrong. So, if capitalism is to work for everybody, i.e., the common good and the public interest, it must be “very heavily regulated” by the government. That is pretty much what happened beginning with Teddy Roosevelt’s administration (Republican) and continued with FDR’s administration (Democratic) Those historical events took place subsequent to very strong government intervention to regulate business, create the WPA, and strengthen labor union’s activities through the NLRB, and a progressive tax structure. Republicans, through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and corporations (more big business) support destroyed that successful U.S. economy. Very sadly, they did that with the affirmative vote of the public. Common people (the public) need either huge regulation of business or democratic socialism; and they don’t know that or believe that.