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by | September 21, 2015 · 2:06 pm

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    • I keep hearing about how the Republican Party is trying to broaden their message to include all those folks they seem to have offended – minorities and women.

      So they have come up with this marketing campaign Trouble is – every time one of their current GOP presidential candidates open his/her mouth – their obsessive need to offend just seems to run out of their mouths..

      To really know what the Republican Party believes in – read their GOP platform from their past GOP conventions.

      1) Wealthy white Corporate CEO males are most favored.
      2) Remaining white males are second in line.
      3) Women are third in line – as long as they have the appropriate pom poms and will allow that puppet string to be inserted in their back so that a bunch of wealthy white males can make her talk.
      4) Last, but not least, these Fundy Christians and Tea Party folks – because the GOP does need their cheerleaders.

  1. As you probably remember God told BOTH Rick Perry and Scott Walker he wanted them to be POTUS. 🙂

    • This presents a very big question in mind –

      If God is all knowing and is NEVER wrong – then why did he tell Rick Perry and Scott Walker to run for POTUS and then turn around and tell them not to run??

      I suspect God had nothing to do with any of this political B.S.

      • Asher Bob White

        Indy, could the problem for Walker and Perry,, be that they believe that their God is speaking to them and that their God is not even real? Rather, their fantasy. Many of their type of Christians listen to a God they like who doesn’t really exist. What did Jesus tell them? He knows THE “real God.” Take note: their kind do not quote Jesus.

      • I agree, Bob. Many of them have an inordinate fondness for certain parts of the Old Testament combined with selected sections of certain of the Apostle Paul’s epistles.

        It seems to me that there has been, on the part of some “Christians”, a deification of Saul of Tarsus to the exclusion of Jesus of Nazareth. Seems a bit contradictory to refer to such folks as Christians, where Paulines seems a better fit.

      • When I see and hear what Pope Francis has said about climate change, the inequality in our world and the unbridled capitalism that has caused so much of that inequality – I often think of what Jesus said and did in his day.

        As for that unbridled capitalism – I laugh every time when I remember the only time Jesus lost his temper was when he ran the money vendors out of the Temple

        Wow – wouldn’t that be a fun day to see Jesus go through these mega churches with that whip?

        Damn – I would take pictures….between my laughter.

  2. G-Stir

    Are there reruns shown in Heaven??

    • Asher Bob White

      Tell me G-Stir, Where is that Heaven of which you speak? I’ve been told what to do to get there but not where it is. Ever been there? Where is it at, exactly?

      • Heaven is up for interpretation – isn’t it?

        My Grandpa used to say that his Heaven was right here on Earth. He had a wife and 6 kids that grew into an even bigger family as the years went by.

        My Grandpa was not a wealthy man and he only went to church for funerals and weddings.

        But my Grandpa lived the Christian life – he did not just Bible Thump his way through life.

        Grandpa had class, honor and integrity. And those are three things that money will NEVER buy.

    • I remember a scene in a Stephen King movie that said Hell was repetition.

      As for Heaven – my idea of Heaven would NOT be sitting next to a Bible Thumper Republican for all eternity.

      I suspect even St. Peter would have to either kill the Bible Thumper or kill himself.


  3. BREAKING NEWS – John Boehner will resign at end of October.

    Hmmm…..even he’s had enough of the Krazy Kristians and Tea Party Mad Hatters?

    • OR is it because the Chamber of Commerce Republicans are finally getting the clue that their boy Jeb Bush is not going to be as easy to push down their throats as they thought?

    • I think everyone has their breaking point and I’m surprised Boehner was able to hang in there as long as he did. Of course, a lucrative lobbyist position is probably in his future.

      Here is what Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station had to say:

      The Devil You Know
      Reports this morning are John Boehner will resign not only as Speaker of the House, but also his actual House seat at the end of October.
      I’m of two minds on this:

      1) Goodbye and good riddance, you sniveling crybaby.

      I really don’t have much use for this guy. He’s a gutless coward and he always has been – go back 30 years and you’ll find him hiding under Newt Gingrich’s ample skirts, playing the same idiotic games. Oh, you can see it, you can see the occasional glimmer of conscience flicker in his bloodshot eyes. Every once in awhile his shrivelled atrophied sense of morality gives him a poke and he momentarily remembers his oath is to the country and not to the Republican party and he mumbles something about doing the right thing for the nation … and then like any booze soaked alcoholic he caves into his addiction and takes another swig of partisan rotgut. This guy, more than any other, is responsible for the pighead intransigence of his party, who utterly refuses to work with the President in any manner whatsoever. Boehner is a shitty leader who couldn’t even keep his own caucus in line, let alone bring together the full House – say what you want about Nancy Pelosi, agree with her agenda or not, she could lead and she got shit done. She rammed through one of the biggest and most controversial bills in the history of the United States – it doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not, she DID it. Boehner? What’s his claim to fame? Held hostage by the insane extremists in his own party, government shutdowns (and here we are facing yet another one), gridlock and inaction, and not a single piece of significant legislation. His entire legacy as Speaker is nothing but a tear soaked snot rag.

      That said,

      2) Oh bloody hell.

      Here’s another goddamned mess, another pile of turds John Boehner crapped out on America. This is just so typical of his ilk, pull a Palin instead of wiping the snot off his face and getting ahold of the maniacs in his own party. He’s bailing out, quitting, and leaving the asylum in the hands of the lunatics. As lousy as John Boehner is, we are very, very likely to get something worse in his stead.

      At this point, the best thing John Boehner can do for history is go home to Ohio and die a coward’s death.

      These fucking people.

    • We should probably make a BIG batch of popcorn! The show of replacing Boehner may be one we won’t be able to look away from (a lot like the horrible accident). Maybe the neocon evangelinuts will show their butts and more people will realize just how crazy and dangerous they are!