Saturday, 9/5/15, Public Square

Conservative special interests have worked long and hard to convince Congress we can’t afford Social Security‬ and Medicare, to preserve massive tax cuts for the rich. We’re hearing that same message over and over in the 2016 GOP Presidential race.



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    This is from Bloomberg Business – it goes into a lot of stuff.

    But I have to ask – would any of these Tea Party Koch-Loving Republicans even care about what these two have done?

    Let’s not forget – these folks are the same folks who continue to worship Ronald Reagan – who was the sitting US president that sold weapons to Iran – while under a ban – if I remember correctly.

    So – if these folks see nothing wrong with what Ronald Reagan did – why would they care about these two Koch Boys?


      Well – look what I just found – an article that refers to the Bloomberg article I posted above.

      But the interesting part here is that the AIPAC – the powerful Jewish Lobbyist Group in America – seems to be willing to give the Koch Boys a free pass for doing business with Iran.

      Hmmm……Jews are okay with Americans working with Iranians who have stated they want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth?

      Wow – that must have been some drinking party when the AIPAC decided to give the Koch Boys a free pass.

      Hell – when the Jews don’t want to stand up to the Kochs for working with Jew Haters – why would any Republican give a damn about Reagan putting weapons into these same hands of the Jew-Hating Iranians?

      This is logic that I just don’t get…

      • As a side note – did you also notice that the Koch Boys claim to have stopped doing business with Iran in 2007?

        Hmmmm…who was in the White House at the time?

        Hmmmmm…..who’s family also does business with many foreign oil-rich countries?

        Hmmmmm……I wonder…

  2. The White House produced this after Cheney criticized the Iran Nuke Deal. Dick Cheney has deserved much more disdain than this for a very long time!


    I watched V.P. Joe Biden with Stephen Colbert last night. What I liked the most was the fact that Biden is a man known for his deep religious faith but yet he is not on every street corner or on television preaching down to others. This is a man who has had a lot of tragedies in his life – and he has kept on going.

    I also liked what Joe Biden said about he has had to face troubles but he was fortunate to have such incredible support – while others in this country don’t have what he has and they face just as much troubles and yet they get up every morning and put one foot in front of the other and keeps going.

    NOW this is the type of man we need in the White House to lead us – but I don’t think Joe Biden will run for president?

    My husband made the remark that Biden would be like Jimmy Carter – a very good man who would not be allowed to do what the country needs because of dirty politics.

    What are you thoughts?

    • BTW – I’ve been on the national blogs this morning and these Republicans are demonizing Joe Biden – so, what else is new?

      For those of them who play their religious persecution card every time they feel offended – are the first ones to demonize Biden for talking about his faith.

      As I’ve confessed here many times, I am a very big cynic of all churches – especially the Catholic and Fundy Evangelical Christians.

      I am starting to like Pope Francis – he makes sense. But the hate spewed towards this Pope is horrible on the national blogs.

      And it is coming from the Catholics!

      Has the world gone nuts? Has black turned into white and white is now black?

      I swear…