Thursday, 9/3/15, Public Square

the mess


by | September 3, 2015 · 8:36 am

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  1. Isn’t this Ronald Reagan’s legacy?

  2. I’ve heard there are wagers being taken on how long it will be before she begins her hunger strike. She does seem to like to be in the limelight!

    • The Tight-White Twisted Panties Group are claiming this woman was jailed because of her religious beliefs. NO – she was jailed because she told the judge that she would tell her employees that they could not issue marriage licenses to gay couples either.

      If this case is really about religious freedom – then isn’t this Davis woman trampling on her employees’ religious freedom to do as they see fit?

      This judge offered this Davis woman that option – to let her employees issue the licenses – and to me, that is when Davis was totally way out of line.

      But, I’m sure she has hit the lottery and will be well compensated for her martyrdom.

      Just, pass the barf bag now.

  3. This is a short read —

    Christian, While You’ve Been Busy Bothering Gay People…

  4. One last link, which I found even more clear than others. Then I’m done with this law breaker. I know how this story ends even if she doesn’t — it ends with marriage equality which is the law of our land!

    How Kim Davis’s Imprisonment Is A Win for Religious Liberty