Monday, 8/31/15, Public Square



by | August 30, 2015 · 6:20 pm

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    • Asher Bob White

      Have humans ever been different; actually? Are the historical stories about Jesus, Aristotle, America’s founding fathers, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs true? Is it just the fault of “capitalism” in place of “wisdom?” What?

      • I do think the level of civility in our country has gone way down – and our lack of respect for anyone or anything.

        Look at the way our media treats any issue – immediately there are two sides and you are lambasted to pick a side.

        Listen very carefully to the Tea Party/Fundy Christian Republicans when they call a fellow Republican a RINO.

        What they really mean is – nobody dare to agree with Obama or any Democrat on any issue or even a point within the argument – because you’re then considered a traitor to their party.

        What baffles me is how these same folks who profess to be such pure Republicans and the only patriotic Americans can call anybody else a traitor when they themselves still worship Ronald Reagan.

        Reagan was the sitting US president that actually sold weapons to our sworn enemy Iran. In my dictionary, Reagan’s face would be next to the word – TRAITOR.

    • Or a Muslim refusing to issue a marriage license because Allah doesn’t like homosexuals?

      I wonder if it would matter which God’s authority to these Fundy Christians.

      BTW – did you hear where this county clerk has been married 4 times – and she gave birth to twins 5 months after divorcing the first husband. The father of the twins was her third husband – but the second husband adopted the twins.

      After reading this – I just have to shake my head and wonder if we are getting pranked by Lady Karma for a good laugh.

      Seriously – this woman is using the argument that her religious beliefs prevent her from giving a marriage license to homosexuals but her own personal life is a complete mess.

      But – never fear – her lawyer from the Liberty Counsel group has stated that she accepted Jesus as her savior and was saved 4 years ago – so she got a clean slate at that time. Her past marital history is no longer relevant.


      BTW – do some research on that Liberty Counsel group – a non-profit group who takes tax-deductible donations for cases like this one.

      Hmmm…I wonder how many millions are flowing into their pockets due to this Kentucky case?

      Is money the true motivation for their so-called ministry?