Thursday, 8/27/15, Public Square

“God vs Government”


by | August 27, 2015 · 1:07 pm

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  1. Do Republicans even know they are unhinged?

    In order to fix a problem, one has to acknowledge there is a problem – don’t they?

  2. Bernie Sanders to Alan Greenspan in 2003, five years before the 2008 great recession —

    • Bernie Sanders is what America needs – but I suspect history will repeat itself and we’ll get another 1980 Republican Doofus in there.

      Which you knows what that means – this time around, this GOP doofus will make Reagan look like Mother Teresa.

      • I like Hillary Clinton, but I don’t think she will clean up Washington DC.

        In order to clean up this mess – we need someone who is willing to take on these Corporations – and that is hard to do. Look at Obama, he has caved in to some corporations and Wall Street has done an awesome job over the past 7 years.

        While Corporations are getting richer – the average Americans are getting poorer.

        What do you think Hillary can do to stop this inequality? Or is it too late?

      • I don’t think any president can do much, if anything, about inequality. Such duty falls squarely upon the shoulders of the United States Senate. The president can propose all s/he wants, but in the final analysis, 60 senators need to agree (under current Senate rules) for the proposal to come to a vote.

        Take it for what it’s worth, but it is the senate that holds the real power, as the Founders clearly intended.

      • I admire Hillary Clinton and think she would make as good a president as could be expected under the current circumstances. Those being gridlock and a bunch of stupid republicans in Congress.

        Much of what Bernie Sanders has stood for his entire adult life is exactly what I believe in. I also think Bernie is very valuable as a Senator!

      • I agree 6176 – any president has very little power to change the actual policies and their outcomes.

        The Senate does hold the power and from the deeply divided Senate and House we currently have – it’s going to be another wasted 4 years – IMHO.

        Unless, of course, Republicans get in there and they start their much-desired Holy War from Day One.

        I wonder – will the Senate go along with the Holy War? I know the House will – they are filled with all kinds of Republican Christians who are just foaming at the mouth for all that blood and killing – as long as it is not ‘one of them’ doing the actual dying.

        But – will the general population stand for the Holy War?

        I wonder…..

  3. Here is a listing of the 14 defining characteristics of Fascism and it is the republican platform!

    • Asher Bob White

      fnord, extraordinary scholarship. Thank you.

    • I found it more than interesting that included in the list of fascist regimes was Mussolini.

      If I remember correctly, I read some article about about Daddy Koch and one thing that stuck out in my mind was that Daddy Koch admired Mussolini.

      Hmmm……do you think Daddy taught his boys about the wonderful things Mussolini did – since Daddy admired him so much?

      I’ll try to find that article and post it. Sounds like the Koch Brothers did not fall far from the family tree.



    I am a big fan of our PBS channel and when Dr. Dyer was on, I would also make a point to sit down and listen to this inspirational man.

    We need more men and women like Dr. Dyer – compassionate, giving and someone who knew how to change their surroundings by the power within ourselves.

    I am still learning how to be that compassionate – especially when it comes to dealing with certain Fundy Christian Republicans.