Sunday, 8/23/15, Public Square



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  1. If Homophobia is found only in the Human species.

    I wonder if this is because Humans are the only species that has divided itself with religion?

    • Asher Bob White

      Interesting tho’t? Do any of you know of any of your local churches who are ‘open and affirming’? My church is. In Kansas I was a church elder and such a thing as ‘open and affirming’ was unthinkable. However, when retiring to FL we found a UCC church that voted (congregational) to adopt ONA and to fly the Rainbow Flag. Today, I and my fellow Christians worship and fellowship with many LGBT members, several of whom have been married in our church. I believe Jesus would do the same.

      • This is my own thought – I don’t have any research to back it up.

        I see a lot of this homophobia and outright hatred for homosexuals coming from these Evangelical Fundamental Christian Churches.

        As I’ve shared many times on this blog, I graduated from a Fundy Baptist College in Chattanooga Tennessee in 1974. I’ve got personal knowledge of how hate-filled and mean-spirited these folks can be.

        I had fellow student from North Carolina actually try to convince me the Bible was talking about blacks when it referred to the beasts in the field.

        Fellow students from Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama were all convinced that the South was going to rise again to fight the Civil War and this time they would win.

        These were kids that were taught these things all through their childhood and then their preachers and televangelists all affirmed their beliefs by telling them exactly what they wanted to hear – so that the people would continue to give money to the preacher so they could build their tax-free empire.

        Religion is just a man-made set of rules. Faith is spiritual.

        Sadly, too many people think religion is faith and that is where this radicalization comes from – IMHO.

        BTW – my Fundy Baptist preacher told me I was marrying the devil himself.
        My fiancé was a seminary student while being the pastor of a very small church. My fiancé did not have much money and his hair touched the top of his ears. That was the reason my Fundy Baptist preacher (of a very large Mega Church) said that I was marrying the Devil himself. This man actually used those exact words – his hair touches the top of his ears.

        My Fundy Baptist preacher caused a rift between me and my family that took years to repair. And only when my parents left that damn Fundy Baptist Church is when our relationship had a chance to even mend.

        I believe my Fundy Baptist preacher did all that damage because of one thing – MONEY.

        My parents were very big givers to his church. This guy knew that he was losing me because I would naturally follow my soon-to-be husband and join his small church.

        I believe this preacher did not want my parents (or more precise – their money) to follow in my footsteps and to leave his church.

        So – there you have a snippet into why I am so deadest against these Fundy Evangelical Christians.

        And this was in the mid 1970’s – these folks have only gotten more power, more wealth and more hate-filled since then – IMHO

      • BTW – Ronald Reagan helped to give more political power to these Fundy Christians when he used Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys to defeat the true Christian already in the White House – aka Jimmy Carter.

        As we have seen through history – Jimmy Carter has done so much good throughout the entire world. Carter is still an inspiration to many people – even while currently battling his cancer diagnosis.

        That is what a true Christian does – IMHO

        Reagan – on the other hand – I’ve never felt like that man cared about anyone except himself and his buddies. Reagan started the demolition of the middle class – the workers.

        Reagan railed against unions but yet Reagan was a Union Leader for his fellow Hollywood actors and Reagan even used collective bargaining to get health care benefits.

        You see – Fundy Christians are those who can do the exact same thing they demonize as ‘sins’ when pointing it out in others. But when THEY do the same thing – then it is okay. You betcha Wink-wink

        But we’ve seen this type of person before – haven’t we?

        Reagan did have the gift of the silver tongue. It’s just a shame the damn thing was forked.

    • But…but….his middle name is Hussein.

      When Republicans try to convince me that Obama is the Anti Christ – I just have to shake my head.

      What would be a more perfect Anti-Christ than some smug White Male Republican who had the appearance of being some God-fearing Christian while doing his best to destroy everything?

      Can we say REAGAN?

      I will never understand how any Republican can still worship Reagan after we learned that he sold weapons (put actual weapons into the enemies’ hands) and Reagan started the downward spiral of the working class.

      How can anyone overlook what Reagan actually did?

      The only thing I can think is that Reagan had this power of that silver tongue and could make people believe anything he said – even when there was 100% positive proof otherwise.

      NOW that would be a perfect Anti-Christ – IMHO

    • Asher Bob White

      Ha Ha! Good one! The Muslim’s nightmare; and the Republican’s, too. Today, Muslims and Republicans have much in common; destroy everything, war and more war, rape & fear. God’s chosen, etc.; all immoral.