Thursday, 8/20/15, Public Square



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  1. The Corporatization of America has been happening at an alarming pace – but when these Mega Churches started becoming so big and so powerful, that is when our country really started on the downhill.

    Let’s not forget – Ronald Reagan was the doofus that invited Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the Republican Party. And from that vantage point – the Immorality Boys have steadfastly held to the belief that they are entitled to run the government.

    BTW – did you hear the news about Josh Duggar? Remember when that adultery/cheating website Ashley Madison was hacked?

    Well…it seems there are multiple accounts for Josh Duggar.


    I wonder if the person responsible for hacking that site got a tip about Duggar’s involvement – and how many other prominent people are on there.

    But, I’m sure the Duggars and these Fundy Christians are ready to defend Josh – once again – just like the last time. I’m sure he will use the – Jesus has forgiven me, so why can’t we all just forget about it.

    Ah, ha – that good ol’ Free Pass given by Jesus himself.

    These religious fakes just don’t understand why other people see them as hypocrits.

    Hmm…it’s not the fact that everybody sins. It’s the fact that these Fundies sin all the time but yet will sit in judgment and demonize others for being so sinful.

    Hmmm……I guess that old Puritan saying is true for these Fundies – All for Me and None for Thee also goes for claiming Jesus forgives them but not that guy ‘over there’ that does not ‘look like us’.

    • I’m wondering who else will be found as customers at that website — could get very interesting!

      • I know this is terrible of me to say – but I am so hoping for some big names from the Mega Fundy Christian world – maybe Josh’s co-workers at that Family Research Council should be worried?

        But it would not change their devoted minions’ opinion of these men. I swear, God himself could come down from the Heavens and say these men are liars and cheaters – and I suspect their minions would spit in God’s face.

        Ignorance + Arrogance = Proud to be Stupid



    Prayers and good wishes go out to President Jimmy Carter. This man has been – and will always be – a class act.

    • On top of being a really good man who has worked for others his entire life, he faces his future with great dignity and grace.

      • I’ve often said that President Carter was too honest of a man to be the president.

        What’s sad is that people will whine and complain that our presidential candidates we have to choose from – but yet we had a good man in Jimmy Carter and the American people treated him terrible.

        And just because Carter had the nerve to tell us to put on a sweater to conserve energy – remember?

        How dare that man to tell Americans they had to suffer or to do without. Who did he think he was???

        That last sentence was pure sarcasm//// (in case you didn’t notice)..

  3. Most of the republican wannabes told us God told them to run for POTUS. I think they need to have another talk with God about this man named Donald Trump. 🙂