Monday, 8/17/15, Public Square



by | August 16, 2015 · 7:45 pm

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  1. A child born, but certainly not educated. Once they’re born they are on their own in Brownbackistan!

    • Ronald Reagan was the genius boy that sold this idea of Trickle Down Economics.

      Reagan is also the sitting president that actually sold weapons to our sworn enemy Iran – even when there were sanctions against Iran at that time.

      I wonder what the Founding Fathers would have thought of an American who physically put war weapons into the hands of the enemy?

      But – what is really arrogant and ignorant is how so many of these same Republicans referenced in today’s headline graphic continue to worship this Reagan doofus.

      • IMHO – Reagan also made it chic and trendy to be a Evangelical Christian Republican by inviting Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP.

        That was the start of our country’s descent into the hell we are seeing today.

        Corporations are making record-breaking profits but yet these are the folks that continue to get taxpayer-provided subsidies and the working Americans are given nothing.

        If there is an Anti-Christ – wouldn’t the perfect person be someone who had the gift of the silver tongue and the heart of a snake?

        Hmm…..Reagan had the gift of the silver tongue. Too bad the damn thing was forked.


    Trump is giving the Republicans what they have needed for a long, long time – a good enema.

    Did you hear Trump recently say that we need to put boots on the ground in Iraq and just go over and take the oil?

    That should wet the tight-white panties of every Corporate Republican to think of all that money. And then these Evangelical Christian Republicans will also get their sanctified panties wet to think they are one-step closer to their much-desired Holy War.

    How can Trump possibly lose the GOP nomination with these views?

    But – will the general population elect Trump when he wants to put boots on the ground in Iraq?

    Especially when we all know whose boots these Republicans to put on that sand-filled hell hole – certainly not their own boots.

    No – Republicans are very good at starting wars – they just don’t do the actual fighting and dying.

  3. Trickle Down Economics is based on the assumption that the wealthy will do the right thing and invest all that taxpayer-provided money into the economy.

    Are these the same wealthy folks that have proven to be unloyal Americans by stashing all their cash overseas in some tax haven bank accounts so they won’t have to pay taxes to America – the country that has helped them so much?

    If you assume people are going to do the right thing – then you will be disappointed the majority of the time – IMHO.

    In todays’ society – the crooks, perverts, liars and cheaters are put on a pedestal.