Thursday, 8/13/15, Public Square



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  1. A very good man. Yesterday’s news was very sad.

  2. Thank you, President Carter, for your lifelong commitment to peace. You most likely have saved many lives. President Jimmy Carter, a great human.

    • I was just on a national blog and the Republicans are red-faced screaming for their much-desired Holy War.

      I keep asking the same question to these folks – why don’t you go volunteer to do the actual fighting in that sand-filled hell hole. I’m sure Turkey, Jordan, Syria or Israel would love to have fresh fodder meat on their front lines.

      And yet these same folks NEVER respond to my question other than to blame Obama for causing all this Muslim violence. One man even stated that Obama’s middle name is Hussein – so that proves he is ‘one of them’.

      Hmm…..So I guess Bush or Cheney are good names?

      The best oncologist that I had the privilege to have during my cancer journey was named Elshami and his partner Mohammed.

      I never asked their religious beliefs – but if I were to guess, I don’t think Southern Baptist would be their answer – do you?

    • Asher Bob White

      President James Earl Carter is destined to be one of the very best Presidents the U.S. has ever had. Humble, intelligent and religious; he practiced the art of reason, common good and public interest. He was instrumental in creating Habitat for Humanity. None that followed him were that good: perhaps Obama; we’ll see what history tells us. Unlike most presidents and others elected, President Carter was not captured and controlled by big business and the 1%.

      • If we had listened to President Carter, we could have (and should have) gotten off the dependence of oil.

        Can you imagine how different our country would be today if Ronald Reagan had never stepped foot into the White House?

        Well – to correct that last statement – Reagan and Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys. That was the start of many of our current problems today.

  3. This Kentucky coal mining town wants Republicans to stop blocking Obama’s aid plan

    (from the link): Obama has a plan to help coal communities

    Meanwhile, Obama has proposed just such a plan, in his fiscal year 2016 budget. It’s called the POWER+ Plan. You can read all the details here; here’s a summary from the Charleston Gazette of what the plan would do:

    • Pump $200 million per year for five years to clean up abandoned strip mines, which could create multitudes of jobs for laid-off miners.

    • Add $5 million for “brownfields” work cleaning up pollution at coal-fired power plants.

    • Give $20 million to retrain ex-miners and help them find new jobs.

    • Grant $25 million to the Appalachian Regional Commission for efforts to create new businesses and upgrade water, sewer and telecommunications infrastructure.

    • Add $6 million more for “place-based regional innovation efforts” to spur jobs in distressed coal communities.

    • Award $3.9 billion over a decade to shore up pensions and medical care of retired miners.

    • Asher Bob White

      Whoa!! This sounds like public interest and common good facilitated by our government …. things important to our collective needs and not just big business and our oligarchy. I bet those we all elected to government won’t buy it.

    • As I’ve shared with fnord and 6176 in person, I opted to take my SS benefits at age 62.

      About 3 months before my 62nd birthday, I went online and applied for my benefit. A pleasant woman called me a few days later and I answered some basic questions and she confirmed my eligibility.

      This woman told me when I could expect my first SS check and the amount. She also confirmed it was direct deposit.

      When the time came, my first SS check was sitting there in my bank on the very day as promised and in the correct amount.

      When I hear these Republicans/Tea Party folks complain about how the government doesn’t work – I just have to shake my head in disbelief.

      When has a for-profit corporation ever been this efficient?

      • Also – with my choice to get my SS check at 62, that meant I could quit working my part time job at the motel at the front desk.

        That has been the biggest blessing – I still watch my grandkids during the weekdays but my weekends are now all mine.

        Thanks to my SS checks…